Top 10 Best Moving Companies in Toronto


Few things in our lives are stressful like moving. It’s always hard to pack all that you possess logically, safely, and orderly, whether it’s a residential home, an office, or a locker (and this is all on schedule). It is vital to have a successful move to a good moving firm in Toronto that offers you reasonable pricing and treats your goods with care and respect. How can you discover one, however? There is a maze of review sites on the internet that all provide conflicting quality and/or quality reports for different moving firms, making it extremely difficult to distinguish excellent from bad. We wish to advise and support individuals at Biking Toronto through this labyrinth and hence we’ve collected information about the top 5 of best movers in Toronto and on the GTA.

1. Let’s Get Moving & Storage

Let’s Get Moving & Storage is a distinguished moving business covering the Greater Toronto Area and further in Ontario and Quebec. They provide various services including residential transportation, commercial transportation, and relocation, jack removal, professional cleaning, and storage facilities. During its 10-year business history, the company won the renowned Yelp Moving Award in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 and also was ranked among the top three moving companies in Toronto in 2018, 2019, and 2020. They were awarded the 2020 Consumer Choice Award and the 2020 Best Homestars Award!! They certainly go beyond to provide the finest possible customer service and excellent customer experience at affordable costs.

General information

  • Pricing – hourly rates start as low as $109 per hour + travel time
  • Areas Covered –Toronto, Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area, other parts of Ontario and Quebec
  • Better Business Bureau rating – A+ (Accredited since 2017)
  • In business since – 2010

Let’s Get Moving & Storage services offered

  • Residential Moving Services is a customizable residential moving service that includes packing, unloading, and basic moving options. Their knowledgeable staff is always there to assist you in making the best decision for relocating your apartment, condo, or house.
  • Moving Service for Offices and Businesses – Transfer from one office or commercial facility to another while delivering a bespoke solution geared to your specific requirements.
  • Relocation Services – Relocate in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, and Quebec, with a choice of services to fit your needs.
  • Packing Services – Have your possessions packed and then moved for you, or do it yourself.
  • Junk Removal Services – Have the movers remove any unwanted furniture for you to dispose of.
  • Storage — Temp-controlled storage vaults with 24/7 security and weekly prorated price are available.
  • Professional Cleaning with Prima Cleaners – Their sibling firm, Prima Cleaners, can handle deep cleaning services for you when you’re moving in or out of your house.

Contact Info

  • Address1: 945 Wilson Ave #7, North York, On M3k 1e8, Canada
  • Address2: Toronto, On M3k 1e8, Canada
  • Phone: (647) 371-1916
  • Emails:
  • Website:

2. Metropolitan Movers in Toronto

One of the most famous moving firms in Canada is Metropolitan Movers. They offer a range of services with low charges, active in downtown Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As a full moving and packing service, the company has been on the market since 2010 for any commercial or residential customers. You can answer all your moving queries by clicking on a button on the main page of your sales representatives and customer service. In the moving industry, Metropolitan Movements are tested and trustworthy. Its service comprises the movement of home and business, packing and storage facilities for all types of moving scenarios.

General information

  • Pricing – Available on demand
  • Areas Covered – Greater Toronto, Ottawa, and everywhere in Canada
  • Better Business Bureau rating – Not Accredited
  • Member of CAM – Yes
  • In business since – 2010

Metropolitan Movers services and deliveries in Toronto Services:

  • Moving condo and apartments
  • Demontage and assembly
  • Packaging/Depackaging
  • Packaging materials delivery
  • Store of different sizes
  • Moving of the piano/pool table
  • Business and household services

Contact info

  • Address: 17-16 Spinnaker Way, Concord ON, L4K2T8, Canada
  • Phone: 888-587-5687
  • Email:
  • Website:

3. Miracle Movers in Toronto

In all 22 years of service to its local clients in Toronto and its residential and business customers across Canada, Miracle Movers has never been seeking to receive awards. This moving firm has won the confidence of its customers and exceptional service with a team of courteous, meticulous, and effective movers managed by competent and customer-oriented office staff. And the evidence is its many and ever-increasing customers referrals and returns!

Miracle Movers are most concerned with honesty, integrity, and transparency! The standard of service and the name of the organization speak for themselves!

General information

  • Pricing: Hourly rate ranging from $99 to $129 for 2 movers plus a standard Truck Fee
  • Area Covered: Greater Toronto Area to anywhere in Ontario
  • BBB Rating: A+ (accredited 2019)
  • Established: Since 2008

Miracle Movers services in residential relocation in Toronto:

  • Bureau and trade movements
  • Packaging and Unpacking
  • Installation of Office Möbels
  • Moves of the white glove
  • Rental of plastic tanks
  • Services of storage
  • Distance and local movements
  • Relocations interprovincial

Contact Info

  • Address: 32 Doncaster Ave Thornhill, ON, Canada L3T 1L3
  • Phone: (647) 699-5539
  • Email:
  • Website:


CARGO CABBIE is a notable Torontonian moving company, locally owned and runs, providing a high level of quality, professional moving, wrapping, and storage services for all residential and commercial movements. The company’s objective was to develop a brand that would be integral with all customers as though they were families. Their objective is first and foremost to excellently give services and to satisfy their customers 100%. ThreeBestRated has been given the “Best Business 2021,” highlighted with BlogTO since 2014, awarded many years in a row by HomeStars with the “Best Movers in Toronto” prizes, and over870 HomeStars evaluations are evidence of the excellence of its services.

General information

  • Pricing – First Hours is $290 and $70 every 30 minutes
  • Areas Covered – Toronto and GTA, all of Ontario
  • Better Business Bureau rating – A+
  • In business since – 2010

CARGO CABBIE Residential Move Storage Services in Toronto:

  • Services Packaging
  • Move the Bureau
  • Rental of Plastic Bin
  • Removal of furnishings
  • Delivery of a single item
  • Home movement Home
  • Movement of specialty
  • Assembly of mechanics

Why should CARGO CABBIE be selected?

For several years, CARGO CABBIE has been the recipient of accolades of excellence for anyone moving to Toronto. They will be able to move you regardless of the difficulty of your move, offering many services and options. They are also specialized in condos, loft, and studio movements, which are hard and complex. Your expert and professional movers can, however, efficiently take care of things.

Contact Info

  • Address: 105 Brockhouse Rd, Unit 100 Toronto, ON, M8W 2X1
  • Phone: (647) 478-5422
  • Email:
  • Website:

5. High Level Movers

High Level Movers offers moving services for more than 10 years. So, you know the stress of moving, but no move is the same as it is. That is why it is important to provide you with services that you may tailor to your needs. Whether you simply need help transferring your items from A to B or need packing, cleaning, and storage services, moving pros can tailor your moving services to suit your requirements. Finally, High Level Movers has solid client reviews that show their experience and service excellence.

General information

  • Pricing – Available on demand
  • Areas Covered – Toronto area, Ottawa area, Vancouver area, and Canada
  • Better Business Bureau rating – Not accredited
  • In business since – 2009

High Level Movers services offer local movement in Toronto:

  • Move long journey
  • Home movement
  • Services of storage
  • Trade movement
  • Disposal of waste
  • Services for cleaning
  • Supplies for packaging

Why should High Level Movers be selected?

High Level Movers is an excellent alternative if you need relocation services inside the GTA. You can tailor your service to properly match your demands with the support of their expertise. You can also assist you to arrange your budget for moving. This is particularly helpful if your move is last minute.

They are available for local movement in numerous places and can even make long-term movements in Canada. You can relocate without stress and smoothly with their moving services.

Contact Info

  • Address: 350 Supertest Rd, Toronto, ON M3J 2M2, Canada
  • Phone: 647-363-5991
  • Email:
  • Website:

6. Royal Canadian Van Lines

You may rest confident that Royal Canadian Van Lines has your back. They provide the greatest moving protection available for your belongings, ensuring a damage-free, stress-free household move. Royal Canadian Van Lines maintains the highest quality standards and training programs to ensure your belongings are safe in our care. More families trust Royal Canadian Van Lines for household moving than any other van line in the globe because of our experienced packers, highly trained drivers, and specifically equipped trucks and trailers. They take pleasure in providing a worry-free move so you can focus on more essential things.

No matter how hard they try, an object may be damaged or misplaced on occasion. That is why Royal Canadian Van Lines is here to help. Please discuss the various alternatives for tailored relocation coverage with your moving agent.

General information

  • Pricing – Based on 30 long-distance moving evaluations, their average long-distance moving charges will be around $2716.
  • Areas Covered – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and all the major cities in the USA
  • In business since – 2018

Reviews of Royal Canadian Van Lines

  • Google Reviews: 4.4 stars based on 86 reviews
  • My Moving Reviews: 4.7 stars based on 59 reviews

Contact Info

  • Address: 372 Highway 7 E, Toronto ON, L4B
  • Phone: (647) 677-9814
  • Email:
  • Website:

7. Transline Moving 

Transline Moving is Toronto’s most dependable long-distance moving company. For the past ten years, they have earned the trust and respect of our customers. They recognize that moving can be stressful; however, Transline Moving can assist you in having a stress-free relocation.

Many people do not consider the additional difficulties and expenditures involved when considering a move. A long-distance move can be a stressful and daunting process. That is why hiring a professional mover may help you save money, relieve tension, and make the process less stressful. Transline Moving’s skilled movers will assist you in planning and budgeting for your long-distance move. Your wishes and needs are their top considerations, and Transline Moving will tailor their services to match your individual needs.

General information

  • Pricing – Average long-distance moving costs will be around $1633
  • Areas Covered – Toronto area and over 10 cities in Canada.
  • In business since – 2009

Reviews of Transline Moving

  • My Moving Reviews: 5.0 stars based on 14 reviews
  • Google Revies: 4.7 stars based on 6 reviews

Contact Info

  • Address: 229 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B1N9, Canada
  • Phone: (416) 628-5336
  • Email: info@
  • Website:

8. Arieli Moving

Arieli Transport which is also known as Arieli Moving in Toronto is a dependable moving business that provides the best service in the Greater Toronto Area. Since 2010, the company has been assisting its customers in safely relocating and having a stress-free moving experience. The company works in a variety of fields and can provide services to both businesses and individuals. Arieli Movinghave a skilled crew of movers and a fleet of trucks to meet a wide range of your moving needs. The company can provide boxes and other moving goods, such as plastic storage bins and packing tape, to meet your demands.

General information

  • Pricing – Average local moving costs will be around $1034
  • Areas Covered – In the GTA and everywhere in Ontario.
  • In business since – 2010

Arieli Moving services offer local movement in Toronto:

  • Residential Moving
  • Packaging Services
  • Storage Services
  • Assembly/Dissembly Services
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Local Delivery 24/7
  • Workstation Based Moving
  • Deliveries
  • Packaging Services
  • Third-Party Logistics

Reviews of Arieli Moving

  • Homestar Reviews: 97% star score based on 47 reviews.
  • Google Reviews: 4.7 stars based on 74 reviews

Contact Info

  • Address: 35 Colville Rd Toronto ON M6M 2Y2
  • Phone:647-691-8838
  • Email:
  • Website:

9. Orbit International Moving Logistic

What distinguishes Orbit Moving is the level of service they provide to our consumers. The company offers free, no-obligation estimates, listen to your concerns, and discover the finest solutions to fulfill your relocation needs – whether you’re moving your family, your business, or simply your belongings.

As one of North America’s leading international moving firms, Orbit has built a vast global network of agents who share our commitment to customer satisfaction. The company delivers the greatest quality of service to its customers from departure to arrival thanks to this network of exceptional partners.

Orbit is an active member of the International Association of Movers (IAM) and the International Movers Network (IMN) (TIMN).

General information

  • Pricing – Around $2300 – $7000 for full service.
  • Areas Covered – Serving Toronto, ON, Canada Area, also in North America.
  • In business since – 2004

Orbit International Moving Logistic offers full range of excellent services to each of its clients:

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • International Relocation/Removal/Moving
  • Commercial Shipping
  • Heavy Eqipment Shipping
  • Storage Solutions
  • Professional Packing Services

Reviews of Orbit International Moving

  • Google Reviews: 4.6 stars based on 132 reviews.
  •  My Moving Reviews: 4.3 stars based on 16 reviews.

Contact Info

  • Address: 212 Dolomite Dr, Toronto, ON M3J 2N2, Canada
  • Phone: (416) 661-4228
  • Email:
  • Website:

10. Fluent Moving & Storage

Fluent Moving & Storage is a dependable and knowledgeable full-service residential and commercial relocation company. Their primary focus is on delivering low-cost domestic and international household goods and personal items moving and storage services. Fluent Moving’s goal is to relieve your relocation stress and establish a long-term relationship with you.

General information

  • Pricing – Average moving cost of $1764 for local moves.
  • In business since – 2013

Reviews of Fluent Moving & Storage

  • Google Reviews: 4.7 stars based on 92 reviews.
  • My Moving Reviews: 4.1 stars based on 15 reviews

Contact Info

  • Address: 2220 Midland Ave, Unit 35, Toronto ON
  • Phone: (416) 819-9829, (855) 435-8368
  • Email:
  • Website:

Additional Notes 

Prices, availability, ratings, and reviews are subject to time variations. BikingToronto is doing its best to give correct information and statistics; nevertheless, no information on companies listed on this page may be held liable.

What is the BBB? What is the BBB? BBB is a North American company with a task of support to buyers and sellers by mutual trust. It is a Better Business Bureau. Its grade is based on the number of complaints received by a firm and how it handles those. We are continually trying to propose firms with ratings A or above.

What is CAM? What is CAM? CAM represents the Canadian Association of Movers. It is the only mover business organization in Canada that aims to help its members evolve in the industry while establishing a standard of ethics and practices in Toronto, Ontario, and across Canada for moving companies. Although this is an excellent technique of gaining credibility, CAM is not all moving firms.

Questions on movement in Toronto were often asked

1. When is the time to relocate cheapest?

In general, moving in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month and winter is less expensive.

Prices are changing a lot year-round. The higher the pricing, like Uber, the more demand is. For a discounted rate, the general rules are:

  • It is normally less expensive to move over the weekend. For example, some companies are going to have an hourly wage different from Saturday on Wednesday. This is probably because people do not spend their time off of work to move, hence demand increases on weekends.
  • Moving about the middle of the month is probably cheaper than moving around on the final or the first day of the month. This is because most leases are renewed on the first day of the month, hence demand is higher on this day.
  • It’s normally cheaper to move in winter. It is most likely less expensive in December, January, or February. It is frequently more onerous from April to September because it coincides with the conclusion and start of the school year.

2. How many transporters are you going to need? Is there enough to hire two men and a lorry?

Typically, 2 or 3 movers are provided by the moving company. The number depends on the policy of the organization and the scale of the move.

For example, if you move from an apartment of one or two bedrooms without significant appliances, it will probably be done by two movers. On the contrary, 3 transporters are a superior alternative if you relocate a property.

The total hourly pricing will be higher if the moving firm charges per hour if there are 3 transporters. However, it can take less time for your relocation, and the movers are less likely to scratch some furnishing from exhaustion accidentally.

3. How many hours will you schedule your move?

The minimum for the comparable urban relocation is 3 to 4 hours, but probably more. A two-bedroom apartment can take between 4 and 6 hours, and a whole home can take up to 10 hours. Note that much can influence the number of hours that relocation takes:

  • The number of movers, normally two or three.
  • Several furniture and boxes. Boxes can move quickly, but equipment, sofas, and unusual goods may take a while. For example, you can count up to an hour to take it off from your balcony if a piece of furniture isn’t in the steps.
  • What is the level of your house? It takes extra time to move from the 10th floor.
  • How long will it take for the movers to travel from their office, back to their present home, and then back to their new home? Most transporters load from door to door.

Try to analyze the number of journeys that movers must load and unload all and then estimate the time each run takes. Finally, add the time and a first approximation should be required.

4. How much does hiring a moving company in Toronto cost?

Usually, the fee of moving services is from 60 USD to 80 USD an hour per worker. For example, a transfer of 2 guys would cost $720 at $60 per hour, 6 hours. Then you have to add gas, insurance, and tips.

Some sample data are available here. Please ensure that the budget quotes for your move are correct, as every movement is different!

  • A townhouse with two rooms from $870 to $1,015
  • Double bedrooms with a lift of $870 to $1,160
  • House for three bedrooms at $1,600
  • Home with four bedrooms for approximately $2,300.

5. When choosing a Toronto moving company, what should you consider?

It’s always a tough matter to choose a mover. Since each year you don’t move, usually, you never got to know the mover we choose from. Rarely are truly awful choices made, but here are a number of things that help you to make the right choice:

  1. Check if the moving firm provides your property insurance.
  2. See the rating for BBB. A customer satisfaction gauge is a BBB rating. The tallest, the good. Note that this ranking is not used by all companies.
  3. Check out the accreditation of the Canadian Movers Association (CAM). Again, it can’t be a good source of trust, but not everyone participates.
  4. How long were they in the company? When a business is 50 years old, it is often outstanding. We don’t suggest young businesses are not good, but more difficult to judge.
  5. Who are they? Where are they? The nearer you and your new home, the less expensive it is.
  6. Do they hire or work with contractors full-time? Full-time staff will typically guarantee that the examinations are pertinent to the team.
  7. Search for friends and family reviews or access them online. Take the time and understand the reviews.
  8. Ensure that you receive numerous quotes from moving companies!

In downtown Toronto, there are many movers that help you move into your new building. Our algorithm has drawn up this list of the 5 best moving companies in GTA in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Follow the top selections of BikingToronto and receive the greatest possible experience.

You should be aware that Toronto has various well-rated moving firms to provide if you don’t find what you are looking for in that list. You may examine movers such as Carbo Cabbie, Rent-a-son, or TWO MEN and A TRUCK ® that also assist you in transferring your condo back to the new home and simply handing you a hand on an old piano.

6. How much in Toronto should you guess movers?

Let’s settle it for the first time. Yes, especially if they performed an excellent job and respected you and your moving equipment, you should tip movers. It’s not a simple job to move!

  • An acceptable tip would be $25 per mover for the average or modest move of 3 to 4 hours.
  • When it’s bigger or a particularly hot day, don’t hesitate to go up to $50 per mover.
  • Other options include non-alcoholic beverages, such as water or Gatorade, or small nibbles along the journey.
  • At the end of the bill, it is normally recommended that you tip.
  • Last note: Checks. The moving industry is not simple, and for these firms and for other families who may be looking for services later on online surveys are crucial. Share your experience! Share your experience!

7. Should you rent a moving truck or employ professional movers?

A few aspects have to be considered before you decide to recruit or move professionals yourself, but the fast reply is: recruiting movers is certainly a simpler solution, but it is typically more costly. Here are the items to take into account:

  1. What are you moving?  Have you just a few boxes to move or move into a fully furnished house with a piano and pool table? Try to imagine moving the largest furniture piece, can you?
  2. How’s your physical health to begin with? Moving the body is difficult, and you certainly don’t want to break your back on moving costs. If you fear the effort would be too much, hire movers.
  3. Can you transport furniture for a week or a month? Are you on a tight schedule? The easier it is to do things yourself. The more time you have.
  4. Do you have special goods, like a billboard, a spa, and a piano? This is costly and requires technical capabilities to be correctly transported. Make sure experienced movers are available.

8. What five tips are in Toronto for a perfect move?

  1. Plan your move. – Plan your move. The better the more planning.
  2. Take your existing and new address for measurement. Check that all fits.
  3. Creates a Google Drive with all bookings, quotes, lists, insurance, and moving papers.
  4. Label your boxes! Label your boxes!
  5. Each booking is always twice confirmed.