Top 10 BEST Places to Shop in Toronto


In addition to an enormous number of interesting tourist activities, you can considerably satisfy your shopping holic characteristic in Toronto bustling commercial centers and traditional markets. When coming to those places, besides relaxing with compelling attractions or watching movies in famous theaters, or enjoy many attractive dishes, you have the opportunity to discover the city’s shopping paradise. Let’s roll up the top 10 shopping locations in Toronto together!

1. St. Lawrence Market

The top of the list will be always the St. Lawrence Market, one of the hottest shopping areas in Canada that you absolutely cannot miss. This market has a history of over 200 years of operation with a series of large and small stalls, providing almost all the products on the market. In addition, the food shops here are also active, serving a lot of local delicacies for you to enjoy. Note that the market is only open from Tuesday to Saturday, so you need to choose the right time to be able to shop here.

Additionally, this market owns a series of large and small stalls, providing almost all the items to the market. The food shops here are also active, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy many attractive local delicacies at affordable prices.

Address: 93 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C3, Canada

2. CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Toronto Eaton Shopping Center is a shopping and office complex located in the heart of Toronto. It was opened in 1977 and up to now, has still been one of the most interesting and attractive shopping destinations in North America.

Mall Profile: CF Toronto Eaton Centre

The building consists of 4 floors with 235 stores. Therefore, visitors can freely shop and make the right decisions, even when they are confused about the choice of stores or brands because they are all in the mall. Here, you will easily seek clothes and accessories in H&M, Zara, Nordstrom, Gucci, Chanel… Particularly, on some special occasions such as festivals, Christmas, New Year, Easter Eves… you will be more overwhelmed by the lavishly decorated space and the most crowded environment ever.

Address: 220 Yonge StTorontoON M5B 2H1Canada

3. Yorkdale Shopping Center

Not far from CF Toronto Eaton Center, Yorkdale Shopping Center is also a shopping destination attracting the attention of both locals and international tourists. Yorkdale Shopping Center opened in 1964 and until now, it has maintained the position of the fourth largest shopping mall in Canada with an area of more than 160,000 square meters and 250 stores. In fact, the Yorkdale Shopping Center has surpassed some major shopping centers in Vancouver, Canada, and North America in terms of the speed of goods consumption. On average, for every 1 square meter at the Yorkdale Shopping Center, there will be more than CA$1,500 revenue. Therefore, this center is trusted by many companies such as some big booths are Apple, Microsoft, Tesla Motors, White House Black Market, and The Cheesecake Factory …

Drake's OVO Store! - Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto Traveller ...

Address: 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9, Canada

4. Chinatown

Unlike other areas, this is the biggest market Chinatown in North America. Energetic Chinatown in Toronto is the home to many Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese restaurants, with dishes ranging from dim sum and specific Vietnamese cuisine such as Pho to a lot of modern fusions. Furthermore, the bustling outdoor Asian market and shops along Spadina Avenue sell fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and souvenirs, particularly, visitors can find bargains on jewelry, clothing, and household appliances.

The Lunar New Year holiday here often attracts tourists and locals to live performances on stage, martial arts, and lion dance performances.

Address: runs along Spadina Avenue, which is from King Street to College Street. 

5. PATH – Toronto’s Downtown Pedestrian Walkway

If you are looking for a thriving shopping address in Toronto then take the bus to the underground PATH neighborhood. PATH has 48 office buildings, more than 1200 large and small stores, and 6 large hotels. You can seem to find everything from this Guinness-PATH-inscribed underground mall and the shopping fanatic will be overwhelmed by the series of fashion shops as well as some other interesting attractions. PATH stretches over 28km with underground walking paths that connect like a maze. Therefore, even if you do not have the need to shop, you can still go to PATH to visit or admire the beauty as well as exploring the walking streets of the center is also considered a quite enjoyable experience. There are about 125 entries from the ground leading into the PATH center. In addition, the center also connects many of Toronto’s top attractions, so you can use this wonderful walkway to explore the city when you have free time.

6. Downtown Yonge

Yonge Street Downtown is located in the heart of Toronto – once known as the longest street in North America. Today, Yonge is a bustling shopping and entertainment district with more than 600 retail stores, 150 restaurants, and theaters, squares, historic buildings.

Shopping is an obvious experience that visitors cannot ignore when coming to Yonge. Opposite Yonge Street is Yonge – Dundas Square – the venue for free events such as movie screenings, exhibitions, concerts, craft markets. Nearby, there is the famous Elgin opera house, complex The last surviving Edwardian two-story theater – Winter Garden and many others just like the Broadway.

Address: Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario Canada

7. Brookfield Place

The impressive highlight of Brookfield Place shopping mall is its unique architectural design, blending classic and modern styles. Luxury shopping boutiques are interwoven with ancient artifacts to create a unique feature in this mall’s shopping space. Besides high-end products, visitors can also find some affordable products that suit their budget. In addition, a restaurant is also available – where visitors can stop to rest after endlessly shopping while enjoying delicious and nutritious dishes. This shopping spot promises to bring shopping-lovers a memorable experience.

Address: 181 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2T3, Canada 

8. Kensington Market

If you are tired of the crowded and righteousness of the hustle and bustle of those above centers, the Kensington Market will be the best choice for you. In fact, it is admired by locals as well as international visitors for its peaceful atmosphere and simplicity. The market was opened by immigrants in 1882. Therefore, this place is considered to be the intersection of many different cultures around the world.

The items on sale at the Kensington market are diverse with unique and fancy designs. In particular, goods are sold at low prices but their quality is not inferior to high-end goods priced in the sky. Not bustling, not as crowded as the surrounding high-end shopping malls, Kensington Market offers great shopping and relaxation space for visitors from all over the world.

9. Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay Company, also known as HBC, is one of the oldest departmental companies in North America, with its headquarters located in Simpson’s Tower, Toronto. The company has a wide variety of department stores, focusing primarily on high-fashion clothing, accessories, and household goods. In addition to the stores in downtown Toronto, you can also find many branches of the company in other major cities in Canada such as Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, etc,. The best-selling items in Hudson’s Bay’s stores are usually high-end fashionable clothing. These are diverse in designs, suitable for all genders, especially, because it is a “genuine” product, it is always trusted by consumers. This is also considered one of the best shopping destinations that visitors can visit when traveling to Toronto.

Address: 176 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1M4, Canada

10. College Park

College Park is known as one of the most expensive locations in the city of Toronto. This shopping mall is located at the intersection of College Road and Yonge Road. It not only has a luxurious facade, luxurious aisle but also has an artfully designed architecture that always attracts the eyes of anyone passing by. Coming to College Park, visitors will experience the trendy shopping style with the most expensive fashion products in the world, noble perfumes with attractive scents or unique accessories, luxury. The interior space inside the center is the stage of the art and is splendidly decorated, hence, it has captured the sympathy of visitors from around the World.

Address: 444 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H4, Canada 

In conclusion, when you have the opportunity to travel to Toronto, you should take the time to experience shopping in this city to make your travel more perfectly complete. Besides, do not forget to explore the hottest destinations of the city of Toronto, enjoy traditional delicacies, or explore local culture for more memorable adventures.