Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes to buy in 2021


Cycling is one of the best outdoor activities that is suitable for all ages. This task is always enjoyable when you do it during the weekend with your spouse or friend. However, riding a bike can be very tiring, especially when cycling for long distances. Fortunately, with a tandem bike, the story is very different.

Tandem bikes are designed to hold two people. They can be ridden by two people with different heights, strengths, fitness level, and body size. If you are planning to buy a tandem bike for you and your spouse or friend, the guide below will help you a lot. The guide has a list of the 10 best tandem bikes to buy in 2020.

1. Micargi Island Tandem Bicycle

This design comes in a beach cruiser style which many people love for its comfort. It is completely functional and stylish. It has great specs with wide comfortable seats, wide, moon-shaped handlebars for comfort and 26 inch tires. The bike is essentially a double cruiser. The frame is made from Micargi hi-tensile steel and so is the fork. The derailleur is Shimano Tourney and the shifters are Shimano too. It has an alloy crank set and a Shimano freewheel. It comes with heavy-duty alloy brakes for safe stopping. This is truly an one of best tandem bikes and the price is quite low.

  • Fork and strong hi-tensile steel frame make it a super comfortable ride
  • The components are top-notch making it a great buy when you consider the price
  • It is a tendem bike essentially made for comfort

2. Kulana Lua 26 Tandem Comfort Cruiser Bike

This is a brightly colored and heavy tandem bike; kit is considered to be one of the best tandem bikes in the leisure tandem bike category. This has large wheels, easy to reach pedals, and the seats are very comfortable. The bike comes with coaster brakes at the rear to make braking much easier; this enables the riders to maintain a relaxed position at all times, whether pedaling or braking. The bike comes in bright yellow making it to be very stunning; people will definitely notice you and your partner when you take it out on the road. The frame lets you know that the bike can be very stable. This is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

  • It is a bike suitable for the whole family since adults and kids can ride it together
  • The bike is stable and heavy duty
  • It is a comfortable bike with features that are designed for leisurely rides
  • Has a remarkable yellow color to catch the eye of people by

3. Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

This is the perfect entry level tandem bike with a frame that has a 20 inch front and a 16 inch rear size. The full bike only weighs 42 pounds. This is quite a light model because most of the frame is made from 7005 aluminium alloy instead of steel, like many others. Giordano is a famous name when it comes to making bikes and they did not disappoint when it came to making their tandem bike. The components come from established manufacturers. It has Shimano 8 speed gears and Shimano derailleur. The chains are made by KMC. The seats of the bike are easy to adjust and a man of up to 4?6? can sit without too much discomfort. This means that a parent and a teenage child can ride the bike together. The manufacturer has really put a lot of thought into the design of this bike, which makes this bike be one of the best tandem bikes.

  • The bike has top quality components
  • The adjustable seats allow an adult and a teenage child to ride the bike at the same time, making it great for family use

4. Pacific Dualie Tandem Bicycle

This is an imposing silver tandem bike which comes with large 26 inch wheels; the frame has a silver colour that makes it seem to streak through the air at high speed. The bike weighs in at only 57 pounds and is strong enough to carry two adults. The bike comes with 21 speed Shimano shifters and alloy brakes. The cranks and the wheels are also made from alloy. The bike has a frame based on a mountain bike; the bars at the front are raised, and those of the stoker are lowered. This is thought to be the best position for tandem bike riders to adopt. The bike is very sturdy and this makes is slightly heavier than other bikes tin the same category. The large wheels coupled with the strong frame means that you can take this bike to any terrain and it will conquer it.

  • This is a strong bike and this accounts for its heavy frame
  • It has different positions for the captain and stoker based on the placing of the handlebars
  • The 21 speed gears enable you to take the heavy bike up any hill that you may encounter
  • The wheels are large and the bike can go anywhere

5. Mantis Taureno

Another affordable option for those looking to begin with one of best tandem bikes is this model from Mantis Taureno. Its frame is a steel MTB and hybrid to ensure that the bike is durable. The suspension fork is also made of steel. With 26 inch wheels that have a 2.125-inch width, you can be sure that this bike will do well on the nature trail of your choice. The rims of the wheel are made of aluminum to ensure the bike remains as lightweight as possible for easy transport to your riding location of choice.

  • This model has an 18 speed Shimano with 3 piece crank
  • The platform pedals are also made of Nylon and thus give a comfortable place for your foot.
  • There are two possible brake systems. A front disc, as well as a rear V-brake, are installed to ensure that both riders can brake when needed
  • This bike is perfect for those starting out and seeking a new adventure

6. Kent Northwoods

Another excellent option from one of best tandem bikes for those who particularly enjoy the cruiser-style of a tandem bike is the Kent Dual Drive. This bike offers 21-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain and Revo twist shifters for maximum handling and a quality ride. The wheel size is 26 inches with extra-wide 2.1 inch tires.

  • Its sturdy and durable frame allows you and your partner to ride over rough terrain with relative ease and little concern about the bumps jarring your bike too much
  • This bike comes equipped with reliable alloy linear pull V brakes for excellent stopping power
  • The seats are spring gel-based and thus offer excellent comfort when bumping over the rougher parts of the trail

Whether you intend to use this bike to get around the neighborhood, explore the local hiking trails, or perhaps enter into a race, this bike from Kent is an excellent option to consider.

7. PFIFF Tandem Bicycle

PFIFF tandem bike is one of the best tandem bikes for people who like cycling for long distances using less effort. It is equipped with a sturdy frame that is powerful enough to hold the weight of any individual. Additionally, it has an audible bell that allows you to give alerts when cycling for more safety.

  • It has a comfortable alloy handlebar
  • It has a sturdy and heavy-duty frame
  • Comes with a front light for safety
  • Equipped with all-terrain tires
  • Features an audible bell for giving alerts

8. Mantis Tauremo Tandem Bicycle

This bicycle has a V-brake system that enables you to cycle with high speeds and brake easily. It is equipped with a hybrid frame and steel suspension fork that keep the bike stable and heavy-duty enough to accommodate up to 2 people. Besides, the bicycle has 2 tires with strong rims that allow you to use it on all-terrains.

It features 2 comfortable seats that are well-designed to give you ultimate comfort for better rides. You can always rely on this bicycle when going on outdoor adventures.

  • It features a hybrid frame and steel suspension fork
  • Features 2 tires with strong rims
  • Equipped with 2 durable and well-designed seats
  • The bicycle has twist shifters and comfort saddle
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • The bike is reliable for all-terrains because the tires are strong

9. Micargi Island Tandem Bicycle

This is one of best tandem bikes that is suited for up to 2 people, where it stays stable even for longer rides. To provide you with more comfort when riding, handles are coated and it has padded seats that allow you to have comfortable rides. The tandem bike has 2 sturdy tires that are powerful enough to move on rocky, muddy, and uneven surfaces. Furthermore, you will always feel safe when riding this bike because it has a unique and reliable brake.

  • Powerful enough to hold up to 2 people
  • Features rubber-coated handles for comfort
  • Equipped with 2 padded and comfortable seats
  • It is fully adjustable to accommodate riders of different weight capacities

10. Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bicycle

This bike is equipped with alloy pull brakes that offer an incredible braking performance to add more safety. This bike features front and rear discs with enough braking power to allow you to move comfortably on all terrains. The bike has strong and lightweight tires that allow you to move easily on all terrains. Besides, it comes with 21-speed Shimano shifters that provide you with effortless riding experience.

  • Lightweight and sturdy tires for easy movement
  • Comes with 21-speed Shimano shifters
  • Equipped with powerful pull brakes for traction
  • The bike has a durable steel frame for stability and control
  • Features front and rear discs with enough braking power
  • It is a great tandem bicycle suited for small riders
  • All controls are easy to use for ultimate stability and control
  • The braking power is strong for reliable traction


Riding a bike has a lot of advantages with the most important being the health benefits. Riding every day can be of great benefits especially if you have issues. With the guide above, you have the best tandem bikes in 2020 that will give you and your spouse an enjoyable time when going for outdoor adventures.

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