Bike Lanes Toronto

About Toronto’s Cycling Infrastructure

The City has a network of designated cycling routes for cycling to neighbourhoods and destinations across the City. The cycling network includes many types of infrastructure, such as Cycle Tracks, bicycle lanes, shared roadway routes and multi-use pathways. Toronto’s cycling routes are for both commuter and recreational cycling.

The City uses different infrastructure and separation for its on-street cycling infrastructure depending on the nature and use of the road.

The Google Map below shows all the cycling infrastructure in Toronto separated by type. Please click the arrow box in the top left corner to bring up the interactive legend and click the button on the top right to expand the map to a larger view.

Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes
Designated bicycle lanes are a dedicated part of the roadway for the exclusive use of cyclists. Other road users may not lawfully drive, stand, stop or park in a designated bicycle lane.

The diamond marking in bicycle lanes is the symbol for a “reserved lane.” Every lane with a diamond in it has accompanying lane restriction bylaws

Contraflow Lanes

Contraflow lanes
Contraflow bicycle lanes allow cyclists to travel in two directions on a street, which is one-way for all other vehicles. Cyclists travel in one direction in the designated bicycle lane. When travelling in the opposite direction, the cyclist will travel in the mixed-use traffic lane or marked cycle lane.