Top 17 pest control companies in Quebec

Top 17 pest control companies in Quebec | Source: Terminix Canada

Pest control services are important for many reasons, and you should not disregard them when taking care of your own house. Keep in mind that household pest treatment can be hazardous to the health of both people and pets. As a result, business enterprises may find themselves embroiled in a long-running battle with inspection authorities over the dangers of bug infestations.

How do you choose a pest control company to work with? Choosing one of these top pest control companies in Quebec is a safe bet. A lot of people love them, so they must be doing something right.

1. Central Extermination – Top Pest Control Companies In Quebec

Protecting residential, commercial, retail, and educational properties from pest infestation is Central Extermination‘s primary focus. The usage of high-quality products by Central Extermination has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment. To get rid of bedbugs, cockroaches, centipedes, and other pests and rodents, they employ only the most effective and safest medications. They’re a part of the AQGP, as well as several other professional organizations in the field of parasite management. You can rely on Central Extermination to handle any pest problem. They offer rodent and insect pest control services to free your house or business of unwelcome guests.

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2. L’Ex-TerminateurJm – Top Quebec’s Pest Control Companies

When it comes to safety, L’Ex-TerminateurJm takes great satisfaction in employing only the best materials. Their extermination products are effective, trustworthy, and eco-friendly when utilized by certified pest control technicians. To ensure the safety and well-being of its clients and families, L’Ex-TerminateurJM employs a wide selection of sterile and certified products. To find the best solution for each customer, they will work closely with them to determine the intensity and nature of the infestation.

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3. Amiral Extermination

Among the services offered by Amiral Extermination are pest inspections as well as diagnostics, tracking, and prevention. Because they know how much you care about your loved ones, they employ high-quality materials to ensure that their treatments are safe. They’ll take care of your lawn daily, employing the most cutting-edge technologies and inventions accessible in North America. This is what they’re here for. In addition, you’ll always be able to get in touch with someone from their helpful customer service department. There is no other company that can provide a better level of service or confidentiality, as well as a better customer experience around the clock, seven days a week. They are fully licensed and controlled.

Amiral Extermination
Amiral Extermination | Source: Amiral Service Inc.’s Facebook Page

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4. AMG Extermination Inc

When it comes to pest control, AMG Extermination Inc understands that no two businesses or homes are the same. There are no second chances when it comes to making a good first impression with a company. Additional considerations include the safety of children and livestock when insecticides are used in the house. Pesticides are second nature to them, and they know just which ones to apply in your particular situation. You can count on them to use the right kind of pesticides for your situation because they’ve had plenty of practice with them. They don’t want your home to be a place where you’re afraid to take it down for fear of bringing pests into your house.

AMG Extermination Inc
AMG Extermination Inc | Source:

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5. Solution Cimex

As a bed bug extermination company, Solution Cimex has a particular focus on parasites. The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change in Quebec has granted it all the necessary licenses, and it only employs products that have been authorized. As a building owner, Martin Beaudry, the company’s owner, has dealt with numerous infestations. That includes tenants, he is aware of the stress and financial burdens that this situation can create. Thus, he established the eco-friendly business Solution Cimex in 2014, promising high-quality work at a fair price.

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6. V Extermination

V Extermination is made up of pest control technicians that have previously worked in the field. Groupe Vertdure, a company that specializes in lawn maintenance, was the seed bank’s first investor. They both want to serve you with efficient, environmentally-friendly services that are also safe and reliable. Since they prefer proactive solutions instead of reactive ones, V Extermination prefers integrated pest control and treatment.

In addition, they have a continuous education program that is constantly searching for new ways to handle every situation with care and skill.

V Extermination 
V Extermination | Source: LinkedIn

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7. ExterminaPro

It was necessary to create ExterminaPro to meet the ever-changing needs of the pest control industry. As exterminators, they’re known for using eco-friendly pest control technologies and striving to offer affordable, high-quality services. With a guarantee of complete customer pleasure, they promise to provide an eradication service that is of the highest quality. If you have a problem with bugs or wild animals, you can rely on their exterminators to get the job done. To protect the environment and your health, their exterminators select treatments that utilize as few chemicals as possible. In addition, all of the services they give are covered by their unmatched market guarantee.

ExterminaPro | Source: ExterminaPro

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8. Extermination Plus

Quebec, Lévis, and Montreal as well as nearby territories are served by Extermination Plus, which specializes in pest management. Their exterminators offer rodent and bug eradication services in both residential and commercial settings. Because of their speedy, pleasant, and efficient service, they’ve become a benchmark in the extermination industry. They are also the most cost-effective extermination company in Quebec due to their best price promise. They can also use an unidentified truck if requested to provide even more privacy.

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9. Abat Extermination Beauport

Extermination of Rats and Other Pests Over the past 40 years, Beauport has been a family-owned business in Quebec. Abat provides its customers with a wealth of pest management expertise and is always looking for new, effective, safe, and responsible ways to control pest populations.

There are many communities where Abat has already established itself. They can attend to your infestation problem swiftly and on the same day because of their wide network of professionals around the province. With the help of a free, non-binding written submission and an in-depth examination of the situation, you can make an informed decision and end your infestation for good.

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10. Desjardins Extermination

In addition to its activities in Quebec City, Desjardins Extermination is a well-known pest management company throughout the province. When it comes to customer satisfaction, the company relies on experts in biology, entomology, and microbiology as well as providing its employees with advanced training. The company’s ideals have always been founded on mutual respect, transparency, and trust to give the finest possible service at the lowest possible price.

Desjardins Extermination
Desjardins Extermination | Source: Desjardins Extermination’s Facebook Page

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11. Maheu&Maheu Inc

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12. Terminix Canada

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13. Groupe Vivarium Gestion Parasitaire et Extermination ville de Québec

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14. Extermination Protect

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15. Gestion Parasitaire Québec Lévis Inc.

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16. Gestion parasitaire de la capitale inc. – Experts en extermination

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17. Orkin Canada Pest Control

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