Top 20 Best Secucity Companies In Vancouver


There’s nothing more important than protecting yourself and your family, whether you’re running a business or planning an event. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 20 Best Security Companies In Vancouver to assist you in making an informed decision.

Aside from that, we’ve also added phone numbers and companies information. Finally, you’ll be able to choose the best service based on all of this information.

1. Blackbird Security – Top Best Security Companies In Vancouver

Blackbird Security
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It is Blackbird Security‘s mission to help small and medium-sized enterprises keep their data safe. It’s estimated that these people employ around 1,000 security officers in British Columbia.

It was developed to fulfill an increasing demand for small enterprises to have comprehensive security coverage. A big number of clients is why these people are ideal for business and property owners.

For new clients, a company owner is available for consultation on numerous security concerns. In the next step, clients will be supplied with a well-developed security program that may be tailored to the client’s specifications.

Customers will be delighted to learn that senior executives from the organization are present throughout the planning stages of any security project. For customers, this allows them to immediately express their security concerns and receive real-time feedback.

Blackbird Security
Blackbird Security | Source: Blackbird Security Facebook Page

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2. CMI Concierge & Security Inc

For both residential and commercial properties, CMI delivers a wide range of services. CMI provides a wide range of services, including concierge staff, comprehensive maintenance, and security, to satisfy the demands of these buildings.

This is why CMI deploys mobile patrols and staffed security checkpoints regularly. The risk of unlawful access to buildings is greatly minimized by supplying these services.

Additionally, to serve a broader range of customers, CMI has begun using bicycle patrols to protect the interests of nearby business buildings. While it may sound absurd, using bicycles for security instead of car patrols can save property owners a lot of money.

Additionally, CMI‘s bike patrols can keep an eye out for any questionable individuals. As part of their service, they can also assist residents in getting into and out of their vehicles, as well as providing information about local attractions including grocery stores, restaurants, and parks.

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3. Commissionaires – Vancouver

Commissionaires | Source: Honda Indy Toronto

Commissionaires have been in the security business for more than a century.

Since 1927, they have been serving the needs of government and commercial clients. Over the years, they have been able to adapt to the evolving security requirements of their customers.

Their century-long experience has perfected their skills to the point where they can meet government requirements. When it comes to government property and waterfront ports, Commissionaires is a valued partner.

Security solutions for heavy industry, oil and gas refineries, and major commercial sites have also been provided by the organization in the past This makes them an outstanding solution for large-scale clients in pursuit of complete protection.

The company’s employees have military credentials to ensure the greatest degree of expertise. In addition, new employees are carefully taught for all types of security circumstances.

Commissionaires | Source: Commissionaires Facebook Page

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4. Bark Security

Residents on the lower mainland trust Bark Security to keep their homes safe. Traditional home security systems can now be paired with high-tech smartphone apps, making them incredibly helpful for homeowners.

This company was created to fill the gaps in current alarm systems, which they claim there are many of, according to them.

Intruders have come up with a variety of ways to evade home security systems throughout the years. Cutting phone lines or internet cables is the most prevalent method.

Bark Security has chosen a completely wireless system that no longer relies on the Internet or phone line connections to fix this. An app is used to connect a client’s home security system to their mobile phone.

Using their app, homeowners can monitor and control numerous pieces of equipment in their homes. With Bark Security, customers may control several parts of their home security from any location, including activity sensors, lights, video cameras, and door locks.

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5. GESS Security

GESS Security is a security company that doesn’t rely on employees. It is our goal at GESS to eliminate the possibility of human error while also reducing the cost of our security services.

The security systems offered by this company are unique and cutting-edge. Since 2007, their systems have provided dependable protection for commercial and residential buildings.

Throughout the years, these people have worked with the city of Vancouver, condominiums, and Costco. The company’s technicians conduct a thorough inspection of each property before beginning any installation to determine the best location for security measures.

Technicians will consult with a client before beginning the installation process once a plan has been devised. Alarm systems, security cameras, magnetic door locks, and other access control systems are part of GESS’s security measures.

GESS Security
GESS Security | Source: HomeStars

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6. SSR Security

You can rely on SSR Security Services Ltd to keep your business safe. They provide helpful monthly reports for keeping tabs on the state of your property.

Their prices are very reasonable for the high level of quality and expertise they provide. They are on the ball and well-versed in their field of endeavor.

It is their job to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed. Despite this, they are always pleasant and courteous to the hotel’s staff and guests.

They’ve earned a spot on our list based on customer feedback about how thorough and well-trained their staff is. It’s important to them that their uniformed employees keep you informed at all times about what’s going on at your property.

This is unlike other companies, which typically release reports once a week or once a day for some.

SSR Security
SSR Security | Source:

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7. Cynergy Security Group

In addition to security guard services, event security, loss prevention, mobile patrols, and community outreach, Cynergy Security Group also provides a variety of other security-related services. They only hire well-trained people, and they strive to provide ethical and responsive security services.

To ensure that each of their employees is prepared for any real-world situations that may arise, they make it a point to train them thoroughly. In addition, they are well-versed in how to effectively communicate with other officers to promote and maximize your event’s potential.

Rentals of equipment that are related to the security services offered by the company are also available, allowing you to outfit your event or property with high-quality security equipment. They’re also praised for their polished demeanor and skillful application of their education to each new job.

For your security needs, we highly recommend this company because of their excellent balance between professionalism and accommodating customer service, which ensures that you will have hassle-free communication with them regarding your needs and preferences for the job.

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Securiguard is one of Vancouver’s best security guard firms. They have a proven track record of success, and they’re ready to help you keep your business safe. President and CEO Darcy R. Kernaghan leads this organization. Securiguard believes that everyone deserves a safe place to live, visit, and do business in. It is their goal to be the best at creating a sense of security for others. To ensure that each client receives the best possible service, they ask meaningful questions and listen carefully. From single-story buildings to multi-tenant complexes, Securiguard teams are at your service.


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For guard security in Vancouver, Provident Security is your best choice. They offer specialized home security, monitoring, and set-up solutions. More than 7,000 alarm and video signals are monitored by Provident Security in Vancouver. Emergency services are available around the clock. Audio and low-voltage wiring are distributed throughout the house for their 24/7 concierge services. Over 10,000 systems are installed in the team. In Whistler, Provident Security provides security services.


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10. 7 Star Security Services

Under the Private Investigators and Security Agencies Act, 7 Star Security Services Inc. has been registered and licensed by the Security Programs Division. We are a Surrey-based security company that provides professional and trustworthy security services. Security guard services, security products, emergency preparation, private investigators, mobile patrols, and alarms are just some of the services we provide. Get in touch with us and we’ll keep you safe!

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11. Optimum Security Surrey

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12. Cypress Security

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13. BSL Security Services – Security Guards

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14. Heathrow Security | Commercial Security Company, Vancouver Guard + Surveillance Service

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  • Address: 17828 65a Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S1Z3
  • Phone: +17785715617
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15. Polo Security Services Ltd

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16. Best Security Systems

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17. SecuriWAY Vancouver Security Services

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18. Cosmic Security

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19. Excalibur Security Services Inc

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20. Potential Security- Delta Security Companies

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