Karachi and Islamabad’s flavors are being brought to Toronto’s best Pakistani eateries. Pakistan’s regional cuisine varies, but it often shares elements with neighboring countries’ cuisines. Naan baskets, biryanis, and kebabs are all on the menu.

This is the list of the Top 20 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Toronto.

1. Karahi Point – Top Best Pakistani Restaurants In Toronto

Karahi Point Restaurant
Karahi Point Restaurant | Source: blogTO

You can get a taste of both Indian and Pakistani cuisine here. The taste of tikka, naan, and garlic naans is good when they are cooked correctly. Good tea or mango lassi are calling your name.

You can order takeout food from this establishment. The staff is well-liked by many guests. You can expect to pay a reasonable price at this establishment. Karahi Point’s cool ambiance can be expected. According to the opinions of visitors, this location has a Google rating of 4.6.

Karahi Point's Dishes
Karahi Point’s Dishes | Source: blogTO

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2. The Great Maratha – Toronto’s Top Pakistani Restaurants

The Great Maratha Restaurant
The Great Maratha Restaurant | Source: USA Restaurants

A stroll past the Holy Blossom Temple awaits you after your meal here. The Great Maratha‘s guests rave about the restaurant’s authentic Indian and Pakistani fare. Good butter chicken and lamb shanks are served here, as well as garlic naans, by the cooks. Try the delicious brownies and gulab jamun at this establishment. If you’re looking for something refreshing, great mango lassi is a good option.

For the benefit of its patrons, this establishment provides food delivery service. Visitors can expect a warm welcome year-round from the friendly staff. The staff at this restaurant provide excellent service. You’ll be grateful for the affordable costs. A fun atmosphere and opulent furnishings await guests at The Great Maratha. According to Google, this location has a 4.6 overall star rating.

The Great Maratha
The Great Maratha | Source: Restaurant Guru

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3. Laari Adda

Laari Adda Restaurant
Laari Adda Restaurant | Source: Toronto Star

The menu at this restaurant, which features delectable Indian and Pakistani dishes, is a favorite among diners. The nihari, butter chicken, and fried fish at Laari Adda are all delectable. Good falooda, gulab jamun, and kulfi are all must-tries when visiting India. If you’re going to be in this area, don’t forget to get some delicious tea, lemonade, or cold coffee.

This eatery is ideal for those who need to grab a bite to eat on the go because they can order food to go. The staff’s politeness is frequently mentioned by guests. The prices are reasonable from the perspective of the visitors. Customers can unwind in this space thanks to the modern design and inviting ambiance. This restaurant has a Google rating of 4.3.

Laari Adda's Dishes
Laari Adda’s Dishes | Source: Uber Eats

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4. The Maharaja

The Maharaja Restaurant
The Maharaja Restaurant | Source: USA Restaurants

Many people come to sample the delectable flavors of Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The truth is that the lentil soup, lamb shanks, and seekh kebabs are all excellent. Keep an eye out for tempting kulfis, puddings, and yogurts on your way out the door. Visit this restaurant for some fine wine, beer, or liqueur, and you won’t regret it. There’s nothing like a fresh mango lassi from a menu.

The Maharaja has an excellent food delivery service. The welcoming staff makes this a top pick. It’s a priority for these restaurateurs to provide excellent customer service. Because they are democratic, the prices at this establishment merit special attention. Beautiful interior design and an exotic ambiance create an inviting atmosphere for guests to unwind and unwind. The Google grading system ranks this eatery at 4.3 out of 5.

The Maharaja's Dishes
The Maharaja’s Dishes | Source: Uber Eats

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5. Nihari Inn by Toshka Halal Restaurant & Patio

Nihari Inn by Toshka
Nihari Inn by Toshka | Source: Restaurant Guru

This restaurant serves Pakistani food. Toshka’s nihari, haleem, and chicken biryani are all expertly prepared. If you’re craving something sweet, gulab jamun may be the answer. Choosing great fresh juice is a good option.

Customers can unwind here after a long day at work thanks to the cozy ambiance. This establishment’s friendly staff can demonstrate how much they value their customers. You can expect to pay a reasonable price at this establishment. It’s worth noting that the interior design is stunning. This eatery received a score of 4.2 out of five on Google.

Nihari Inn by Toshka
Nihari Inn by Toshka | Source: Nihari Inn by Toshka’s Facebook Page

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6. Zauq Restaurant

Zauq Mississauga
Zauq Mississauga | Source:

This restaurant’s menu features delectable dishes from the Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Nihari, Bbq beef, and lamb biryani are among the delectable dishes on the menu at this restaurant. You’ll enjoy your meal more and likely return if the tea is good.

Visit Zauq to commemorate a special occasion like an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday. The welcoming staff at this establishment can show how much they care about their guests. It’s important to these restaurateurs that their customers have a good time. Customers generally agree that the prices are fair. The warm and inviting atmosphere and tasteful furnishings are sure to win you over. Guests have given this location a Google rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Zauq Restaurant's Dishes
Zauq Restaurant’s Dishes | Source:

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7. Shaheen Food Centre

Shaheen Food Centre
Shaheen Food Centre | Source:

This restaurant serves delectable Indian and Pakistani fare. Shaheen Food Centre‘s nihari, karahi, and biryani are always cooked to perfection. Takeout is available here, making it convenient for those who are in a hurry to eat. The staff is generally regarded as excellent by users. Clients appreciate the high level of service they receive here. Low prices are something you’ll appreciate. This location received a Google rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Shaheen Food Centre
Shaheen Food Centre | Source: Uber Eats

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8. Barbq Tonite

Barbq Tonite
Barbq Tonite | Source: blogTO

For those who enjoy Indian and Pakistani food, this is a good choice. Barbq Tonite serves tasty biryani, fish, and tikka masala at affordable prices. Tea is a popular choice for visitors.

This establishment is well-known for the quality of its customer service and the helpfulness of its employees. This location is notable for its reasonable prices. You’ll be delighted by the welcoming atmosphere and stunning decor. Google gave this restaurant a rating of 4.2 stars.

Barbq Tonite's Dishes
Barbq Tonite’s Dishes | Source: Uber Eats

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9. Naan and Chai

Naan and Chai
Naan and Chai | Source: blogTO

At West Queen West, patrons can soak up the atmosphere while dining on delectable fare. This restaurant’s menu will feature Pakistani dishes for you to sample. Keema naan, butter chicken, and tandoori chicken are just some of the tempting options available at Naan and Chai. Indulge in delectable fare and sweet treats like kulfi at this establishment. It’s worth it to come here just for the tea.

This establishment is well-known for the quality of its customer service and the helpfulness of its employees. It’s good news for visitors to this location that the prices are so reasonable. It’s safe to say that the spectacular ambiance and lovely furnishings will appeal to you. 4.3 out of 5 stars were given by Google users.

Naan and Chai's Dishes
Naan and Chai’s Dishes | Source: Uber Eats

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10. Sizzler Kabab

Sizzler Kabab
Sizzler Kabab | Source: blogTO

After exploring Bellevue Square, stop in for a drink at this bar. Indian and Pakistani cuisines are the specialty of this restaurant. Ordering perfectly cooked tandoori chicken, salads, and beef kebabs is a pleasant experience. Waiters, in the opinion of visitors, provide good tea.

Catering to the needs of its clients, Sizzler Kabab offers delivery service. Employees at this company are known to be upbeat. It’s common for people to compliment a company on its customer service. You’ll be blown away by the low prices at this establishment. From the perspective of the guests, the interior design is contemporary. The Google rating system gave this location a score of 4.1.

Sizzler Kabab
Sizzler Kabab | Source: Masala TV

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11. Tandoori Style Restaurant

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12. Bombay Bhel Restaurant

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13. Silver Spoon

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14. Tandoori Time

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15. Dawat-E-Khas

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16. The Kebob

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17. Shish Mahal

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18. Lahore Tikka House

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19. Karahi Boys

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20. Chawk Bazar

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