Top 10 Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Vancouver


There’s a reason why Vancouver consistently ranks well on lists of the world’s best places to live: Art, culture, music, and cuisine are all available in this laid-back coastal Canadian city that is surrounded by a stunning natural playground. Vancouverites place high importance on their health, well-being, leisure, and general well-being, all of which are reflected in the city’s many parks and other green spaces.

By Canadian standards, Vancouver is a vast city, and there are a wide variety of neighborhoods to select from. Look through some of the Top 10 Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Vancouver before you make a final decision on where to live.

1. Central – Top Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Vancouver

Downtown District of Vancouver
Downtown District of Vancouver | Source: Wikipedia

For young professionals, the Downtown District of Vancouver is the most growing and hip area of the city. In this area, you’ll find the Pacific Centre Shopping Mall, the Vancouver Art Gallery, West Georgia Street, and the Vancouver Public Library.

Real estate prices tend to rise in direct proportion to the distance from central business districts. Living in a high-rise residential apartment is likely. Located in the heart of downtown, the West End is the city’s most affluent neighborhood.

At the entrance to Stanley Park sits this charming neighborhood’s famed shopping corridor, Robson Street, which also serves as a gateway to the park.

People of various ages live in the West End, which is older than Yaletown, which is a newer area with a predominantly young population.

2. The West End – Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Vancouver

The West End of Vancouver
The West End of Vancouver | Source: Wikipedia

The West End is one of Vancouver’s top areas for young professionals because of its relaxed atmosphere and convenient location. It is common for people to reside in the West End and commute to work in downtown Manhattan because of the excellent public transportation and closeness.

The area, which stretches from Georgia Street south to Burrard Street and is focused on Denman Street, begins on the western edge of downtown Vancouver’s peninsula.

There is a wide range of housing options in this city, including historic homes, high-rise condos, and art deco apartment complexes.

You should think about medical insurance if you plan on moving to Vancouver’s West End or any other part of the city.

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3. Kitsilano

Kitsilano area
Kitsilano area | Source: GetYourGuide

Young professionals who love an active lifestyle and health-conscious living flock to this vibrant neighborhood. In addition to yoga studios, health food stores, snowboard and surfing shops, gyms, and dance schools, the area is awash in fashionable cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Several bustling restaurants and bars contribute to the city’s vibrant nightlife. English Bay’s sandy beaches are just a short walk away, and the North Shore Mountains and downtown Vancouver can be seen in the distance.

Because of its prominent location so near to the heart of downtown Vancouver, home costs here might be costly, but residents rave about the area’s high standard of living.

4. South Vancouver

Peaceful South Vancouver 
Peaceful South Vancouver | Source: faithwilson

South Vancouver is the ideal area to settle down with your family if you’re looking for peace in Canada. As you stroll through the leafy streets of Dunbar, you’ll see families out enjoying the fresh air and historic mansions dating back to the early 1900s.

Residents of Kerrisdale and Marpole can enjoy a vibrant community feel, as well as reasonable rental properties. Lower-income families from various origins live in Renfrew, Collingwood, and Killarney, so you may expect a mix of rental accommodation and service businesses.

5. West Point Grey

West Point Grey
West Point Grey | Source: Vancouver Homes

One of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods, West Point Grey, may be found on the city’s west side. Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach, two of the area’s most gorgeous beaches, are just a short drive apart.

Point Grey Village, a popular shopping destination in this part of town, is another reason to visit this part of the city. In addition to the many delightful boutiques and restaurants, the Point Grey Fiesta, a summer carnival, is held annually in the area.

6. Grandview

Grandview of Vancouver
Grandview of Vancouver | Source: CityHallWatch

Vancouver’s Grandview neighborhood is one of the city’s most ethnically diverse regions. Commercial Drive, also referred to as “The Drive,” is the primary thoroughfare in this part of town.

In addition to several wonderful cafes, restaurants, and organic food stores, it serves as the heart of the neighborhood. Many late-night clubs, good ethnic eateries, and even coffee shops that feature open mics, readings, and bands can be found in this lively neighborhood.

Swimming and picnicking are both possible at Trout Lake, which is close by. It is possible to locate day camps and other activities for children in the Grandview neighborhood, which includes numerous pools, ice skating rinks, and community centers.

Because of its location to the east of the city, housing in this region is often less expensive than in Kitsilano or the West End.

7. Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant | Source: City of Vancouver

The East Side of the city’s East Side used to be a popular destination for students and young artists, but now it’s becoming more popular with young families. More than 60% of the people who live here are under the age of 40.

Residents of Mount Pleasant enjoy a warm and relaxed back atmosphere, as well as a strong sense of belonging to their neighborhood. Florence Nightingale Elementary School, Mount Pleasant Elementary School, and Simon Fraser Elementary School are just a few of the area’s top-notch educational establishments.

In addition, several transportation alternatives will get you into downtown Vancouver, including the Skytrain and Canada Line.

Look around the South Main neighborhood for fairly priced homes compared to other areas of the city.


8. South Granville

South Granville 
South Granville | Source: Wikipedia

As one of Vancouver’s most desirable neighborhoods, it’s only a short distance from the city’s core.

You’ll discover a wide variety of high-end shops, boutiques, art galleries, booksellers, and more in this area. Known as “foodie heaven,” this area features a plethora of interesting and inventive restaurants.

It’s one of Vancouver’s greatest neighborhoods for young professionals because of its vibrant social scene.

Consider all of your possibilities before deciding on where to reside.

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9. Railtown District

Railtown District
Railtown District | Source: Pinterest

Railtown has become one of Vancouver’s hippest neighborhoods for creatives. In the wake of internet companies like Hootsuite moving in, ancient warehouses and factories were transformed into cafes, restaurants, and furnishings stores. Vancouver’s bustling harbor and the Chinatown and Gastown districts are only over the street from this industrial sliver.

In Railtown, you’ll find hip design stores and historic landmarks like the Settlement Building, which is now home to the renowned Postmark Brewing. When you’re in Railtown you can also shop at Dish + DUER where you can get a wide range of sustainable apparel options like jeans and activewear. Railtown’s Ask for Luigi is a cozy, Italian-inspired atmosphere and specializes in fresh, in-house prepared pasta. Alternatively, you may dine at the Railtown Café, where the former chef of the Four Seasons Vancouver mixes up a delicious Texas-style brisket.


10. Davie Village

Davie Village
Davie Village | Source: CBC

In Davie Village, Vancouver, rainbow flags adorn the lamp poles, restaurants, and bars of the area. Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ community is centered around Davie Street in the city’s West End, making it one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods. The stylish Vancouver neighborhood comes alive with bars and clubs at night, but it’s more about taking it all in during the daylight hours.

Visit the local stores and bookshops after a cup of coffee at Matchstick. A Vancouver bookstore that has campaigned against censorship since the 1970s should be on your list of places to visit. Watch the sunset over the water at English Bay later in the day. Numbers Cabaret, Vancouver’s oldest homosexual bar, is a must-see if you’re interested in checking out the city’s LGBT nightlife scene.

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