Top 20 best home builders & construction companies in Vancouver


Whether you’re working on a residential or business renovation, a professional company can be a fantastic asset. So, to give you some options, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 20 Best Home Builders & Construction Companies In Vancouver.

Commercial and residential building giants make up the bulk of our list of companies to contact. We’ve also included customer reviews, company histories, and other useful information to give you an idea of what each firm can provide.

1. Vancouver General Contractors – Top Best Construction Businesses In Vancouver

With over a decade of experience in commercial and residential construction, Vancouver General Contractors is a reputable company. From private residences to public venues, they’ve built it all.

With so many different projects, this organization has demonstrated that it excels at residential work. These people have been recognized by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the Better Business Bureau as a result of their high standards.

If you’re looking for a company that can bring your ideal house to life, goes no further than this one. The property managers might use them to revitalize their aging properties, or they can use them for new construction.

Vancouver General is capable of delivering high-quality work from modest renovations to full-scale building projects because of its skilled staff and client-centered approach. Every project will have a central role in your creative suggestions.

Vancouver General Contractors
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2. Level One Construction – Top Best Construction Companies In Vancouver

Founded in 2000, Level One Construction was a maintenance company that provided repair services to coffee shops and other businesses in Vancouver. Today, the company’s work ranges from small-scale upkeep to large-scale renovations of both residential and commercial properties.

Since then, the Homebuilders Association of Vancouver has recognized their work with numerous awards and nominations.

In addition, the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the Canadian Home Builders Association, and the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association have all recognized these individuals as qualified members.

This company has demonstrated its ability to provide services and work that satisfy the criteria set by significant regulating bodies by joining such organizations.

To top it all off, the company offers extended warranties on labor, maintenance, and built buildings for customers that need even more peace of mind.

After the job is done, clients may relax in the knowledge that they are protected in case of damage or accident.

Level One Construction
Level One Construction | Source: Facebook Company Page

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3. Euro Canadian Construction Corp.

The Euro Canadian Construction Corp. is one of the few construction businesses in Vancouver that specialized in luxury home construction among our list of the best.

That so, it hasn’t hampered the company’s success in construction by restricting its focus to residential developments. Architects and designers work together to produce one-of-a-kind home designs and renovations.

This organization can detect issue areas and search out solutions that still conform to a client’s preferences by working with design teams and clients. For the past thirteen years, this strategy has served the company well in its construction and refurbishment activities.

Jeffrey Gunson, the company’s project manager and a qualified construction professional, is at the helm of every project.

Jeffrey is a seasoned builder with certificates in building site management and project management. When you work with him, you can be confident that your project will be done well the first time.

In addition, he offers on-site consultations for clients with any questions or issues they may have. Clients will always be able to express their concerns about a project in this way.

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4. FairTradeWorks

FairTradeWorks is a relatively new entrant to the market. Because of its employees’ extensive backgrounds in construction, it can compete with even the most established businesses.

As a construction firm, this one has the expertise and resources to handle a wide range of projects, no matter the scope. FairTradeWorks has taken a concierge-style approach to building to make it as simple as possible for its clients.

Clients are paired with a skilled construction advisor from the company in this technique. These advisers act as a point of contact for the client, handling everything from inquiries to appointments and even consultations.

Clients may concentrate on their project’s creative features thanks to a concierge approach that eliminates the need to deal with minor building details.

FairTradeWorks | Source: Daily Hive

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5. QualiFast Contracting Ltd.

By being an all-in-one design and construction service, QualiFast maintains its advantage in a sector rife with rivals. Landlords, business owners, retailers, architects, and other builders are all served by this group.

QualiFast can manage any size project, no matter how big or small, and they’re more than capable of doing so. In addition to tenant build-outs, rehabilitation, remodeling, and full-scale design & construction, the company offers a wide range of other services.

These people prioritize serving commercial customers because they are a larger organization. A large number of people and resources can be utilized in this way.

Additionally, this organization can work around the needs of its clients. In turn, this minimizes the influence on a company’s activities, allowing for an uninterrupted workday during construction.

For commercial business owners who want to rethink their business or start a new one, QualiFast is an ideal option. There’s little doubt that the company’s flexible scheduling and a vast range of capabilities make it the obvious pick.

QualiFast Contracting Ltd.
QualiFast Contracting Ltd. | Source: Facebook Company Page

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6. Lyle Construction

First-rate construction and renovation services are provided by Lyle Construction, which has a great deal of experience and attention to detail. Their work is incredible, and the results are wonderful.

They will assist their clients with every step of the process, including budgeting, developing deadlines, producing designs, and purchasing supplies. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, they communicate well and are quite open about their work.

The quality of their services will make the renovation procedure easier. As a whole, Lyle Construction is a solid investment.

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7. Alair Homes Vancouver

Whether you’re looking to build a new home or renovate an existing one, Alair Homes Vancouver can help. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar mansion or a low-cost starter house, their company treats each property with the same degree of attention, workmanship, and customer service that they’ve given to homeowners in this beautiful neighborhood. In his role as Regional Partner for the Lower Mainland, David Babakaiff manages the Alair Homes staff in Vancouver. It is Alair’s hands-on approach to giving the greatest service and transparency in the construction sector that has made him a success in Vancouver and across North America.

Alair Homes Vancouver
Alair Homes Vancouver | Source: Downtown Berthoud 80513

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8. Royal Craft Homes

In addition to Project Management, Development Management, and Subcontracting, Royal Craft Homes has been in the building sector for over ten years. Projects they have worked on include schools, public buildings, commercial, religious, residential, and retail facilities, as well as massive design and construction complexes. Including direct labor, they have a total of 40 people working in the Contracts and General Works Departments. Their Contracts Department handles large-scale contracts, whereas our General Works Department handles smaller-scale projects.

Royal Craft Homes
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9. Kerr Construction and Design

For more than three decades, Kerr Construction and Design has been offering clients in the greater Vancouver, British Columbia, area high-quality, award-winning renovations and new homes, all while exploring new ways to provide the best value possible. For a successful remodel or new home building in Vancouver BC, they have all of the essential equipment, design skills, knowledge, and years of experience.

Kerr Construction and Design
Kerr Construction and Design | Source: Kerr Design Studio – Kerr Construction

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10. Smallworks Ltd.

Smallworks Ltd. strives to go above and above for every one of its clients, putting their expertise and experience to good use. Beginning to end, we take care of every small detail. Their goal is to contribute to the development of a “laneway culture” by giving residents a sense of place and belonging in the lane, encouraging them to engage with their neighbors by putting up signs along the lane and plantings near their front doors, and creating a private space for residents at the point where their lane home and the street meet, all to create a sense of safety and belonging for those who live in the lane.

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11. Natural Balance Home Builders

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12. Gryphon Development Experience Gallery

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13. Turner Construction Company

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14. KANOX Construction Inc.

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15. Quay Construction

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16. Klondike Contracting Corporation

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17. Polygon Homes

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18. IRL Construction Ltd.

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19. Goldcon Construction

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20. Kennedy Construction Company (North Vancouver)

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