Best Way How To Lock Your Bike Properly


Locking a bike and leaving it anywhere is a risk. Fortunately, there are several precautions that you can take to reduce the chances of yours going missing. Make sure you don’t leave your bike anywhere without following these tips. It is not take you a long time to read these tips but you can get best way how to lock your bike properly.

Tip number 1 – Lock The Bike And Remove Front Wheel

If you are unsure of the area where you are parking your bike if it is safe or not, you should remove the front wheel after locking it. You can opt to go to your destination with it so that no one can be interested in stealing your bike which has only a single wheel. You must do whatever it takes to make sure you are contented for leaving your bike at the locked zone.

Tip number 2 – Buy a Heavy Duty Bike Lock

If there is such a thing as a “best bike lock” then these two would be definite contenders: “06Kryptonite New York Standard” which is available at a surprisingly good price on Amazon. It would take a thief a very long time to get through this lock. It is one of the toughest and remains one of the most recommended bike locks. This is one of the most effective best way how to lock your bike properly.

The second equally well recommended one is the Abus Granit Xplus. It is very strong and unless the bike thief has some seriously heavy duty equipment it will not move.

Tip number 3 – Use Your Lock Effectively

Lock the frame, front and back wheel to the object you have secured your bike to

Make sure the D-lock is tightly fastened so it is not hanging loose between the bike and the object you have locked it to.

Face the D-lock (U-lock) keyway facing down so that they cannot spray liquid into it

Don’t place the lock too near the ground as then it is easier to leverage them for attack

Tip number 4 – Use Two Different Locks

Two different locks will mean thieves need two different types of tool to remove them. They are unlikely to be carrying both of these. I always take my bag with me and put the two locks in there. The one lock is a d-lock and the other is a chain lock.

The bike thief will take one look at your bike with the two locks and will look elsewhere.

Tip number 5 – Choose Your Location to Lock Your Bike

Always make sure you don’t attach your bike to something that can easily be broken, moved or lifted off. Spend that extra 5 minutes when you are out and about to find a more secure object and your bike safety will be ensured.

Location tips:

  • Choose area with CCTV cameras around are the most ideal
  • It is preferable to choose an area where other people are around and are frequently walking past. Never leave it in an isolated place
  • Lock it near to other bikes – there is a decreased chance of thieves picking your bike as there will be easier targets around.


To keep the bike safe, ensure that it is all the time locked well either when you are at work, outside the home, or at home. The above tips will give you a full idea of best way how to lock your bike properly and what it needs to ensure your bike is locked properly and safe from thieves.