How Drivers Should Safely Pass a Cyclist


Sharing the road with cyclists means passing them safety. When it’s your turn to be behind the wheel, you can follow these tips to ensure you are doing your part to keep the roads safe for everyone.

Slow Down
When you see a cyclist up ahead in the road, remember to slow down! Passing riders at high speeds increases the chance of an accident, and can be terrifying to the riders.

Do Not Pass in Turns
Wait until you are on a clear, straight stretch of road so you can safely pass. Passing on hills can also be dangerous because it limits visibility.

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Give Some Space
When passing a cyclist, remember to give at least three feet of room—the more room, the better. Some states legally require drivers to give four feet of space when passing. (Check what the law is in your state here.) It’s also important to leave extra room for riders to get around any obstacles in the road, such as storm drains and debris.

In most states, it is legal to use your blinker to go into the opposite lane to pass, as long as it’s clear. Be sure to also give the cyclist ample space when returning to your lane.

Be Patient
Do not honk or yell at a cyclist. Remember to be patient, and pass every cyclist with care so we can all stay safe out there.