SHARE WIDELY: Petition for Mayor John Tory – Don’t Remove Woodbine Bike Lanes


A few cranky drivers in Toronto’s east end have started a petition to get the newly installed Woodbine bike lanes removed.

This is obviously horrendous, so a “Don’t Remove Woodbine Bike Lanes” petition has been started, and you should sign it.

It’s hard to get people to understand that cyclists also pay taxes, and we deserve a place to cycle that is safe. People get hurt and some even die cycling in Toronto in part because of a lack of good cycling infrastructure. That doesn’t seem fair to me. 

So, this a good start. Sure, we know it will take some time for people to adjust their behaviour and take advantage of the bike lanes. Maybe a few of those people sitting in traffic those extra couple of minutes will look out and see the smiles on cyclists faces as they whiz by getting some fresh air and exercise while pedalling to their destination.