Top 20 best piano movers in Vancouver


Because pianos are such joyous instruments, people frequently transport them when they relocate. For the sake of your health and the safety of the piano, it’s better to have it relocated by a professional moving company. To help you find a piano mover you can rely on, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 Best Piano Movers In Vancouver.

1. The Piano Movers – Top 7 Best Piano Movers In Vancouver

One of the best piano moving companies in Vancouver is The Piano Movers, a company founded by a former piano instructor, is committed to offering safe, economical, and trustworthy piano moving services.

To ensure the best possible service when moving your piano, The Piano Movers employs a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals. The Piano Movers get the majority of their business on word-of-mouth recommendations, which means that customers keep coming back to them time and time again. When it comes to piano relocation, you can count on The Piano Movers to offer the WOW factor.

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2. Burley Men Moving

2 Burley Men Moving is a seasoned and award-winning local and long-distance mover serving communities all across British Columbia and Alberta. 2 Burley Men provides a wide range of services and has the expertise to relocate your piano. Because they truly care about their customers, they employ only the best equipment to ensure that your piano is carried safely.

With their training from the WCB, Burley Men’s staff are qualified to transfer your piano. To ensure a safe relocation, they do routine equipment maintenance. There is a 95% success rate in getting new customers from existing clients who have recommended them to others. If you want a pleasant piano transfer, you should contact 2 Burley Men’s movers with years of experience.

2 Burley Men Moving
2 Burley Men Moving | Source: Twitter

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3. Secure Moving

Many communities in British Columbia are served by Secure Moving, a firm that provides moving services. As a result of their personnel’s training and equipment, they can provide their customers with a safe and secure moving experience. Even the most difficult items, such as a piano, are no problem for them because they offer specialized home moving services. This means that no matter where you live, no matter how cramped, they can help you with your move, even if it’s a condominium or a basement. Finally, they have a team of pros that can build a moving strategy to guarantee that everything goes as smoothly as possible to assure high-quality service. They have. Request an estimate from Secure Moving, who are now offering a 25 percent discount, when looking for a piano moving business in Vancouver.

Secure Moving Vancouver
Secure Moving Vancouver | Source: Yellow Pages

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4. High Level Movers

Founded over 10 years ago, High Level Movers is a thriving moving company specializing in various moving services. This organization is recognized for its high degree of care and attention to satisfying its client’s needs, especially when it comes to moving all sorts of pianos. Piano moving is one of the services that High Level Movers have developed over the years and they can undoubtedly aid you with a safe and secure piano transfer.

We highly recommend High Level Movers in CITY as their success is evident via their multiple locations across the country. These various places indicate how consumers from all over desire them as their piano movers. High Level Movers are problem solvers. With their many years of experience, they’ve seen it all so if there’s an issue, they have the solution to repair it. Most significantly, High Level Movers will suit your budget and will move your piano in the most timely manner.

High Level Movers
High Level Movers | Source: High Level Movers

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5. Metropolitan Movers

Metropolitan Movers, a Canadian moving company founded in 2010, with offices around the country. The transporting of pianos is just one of their many specialties. They are dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service, and most importantly, they are dedicated to taking the time to answer all of your moving questions. When it comes to moving a piano, you can rely on Metropolitan Movers to get the job done right.

Moving a piano is no problem for Metropolitan Movers because they have the know-how and the commitment to providing a stress-free experience. There are 94% of Canadians would suggest Metropolitan Movers to their family and friends based on their own experience relocating with them. If you’re looking for a reputable, trustworthy, and competent moving company that specializes in piano moving, Metropolitan Movers is the business for you!

Metropolitan Movers Vancouver
Metropolitan Movers Vancouver | Source: Metropolitan Movers Vancouver

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6. Ferguson Moving & Storage

As one of the country’s first moving firms, Ferguson Moving and Storage has a long history of customer satisfaction dating back to 1916. They’ve been a BBB-accredited business since 1992 and have a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Google. They have an amazing reputation. If you’re looking for reputable moving business with a solid track record, Ferguson Moving and Storage is your best option.

Ferguson Moving Storage
Ferguson Moving Storage | Source: Facebook Page

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7. Let’s Get Moving

Moves in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, and Coquitlam are all well-served by Let’s Get Moving & Storage, a multi-award-winning moving company. For those who need to travel outside of British Columbia or the province of Alberta, these companies can help. In addition to residential and business moves, they also offer rubbish removal, expert cleaning, as well as storage services. As a result of its 10 years in business, the company has been awarded the coveted Yelp moving award in 2016, 2017, 2018 as well as 2019, 2020, and was also ranked in the top three of Toronto’s best moving businesses in 2018. Both the Consumers Choice award for 2020 and the Best of Homestars 2020 award have been given to them! They go above and above to provide excellent customer care and a stress-free moving experience for their customers at a reasonable price.

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8. Bekins World Wide Moving

For the greater Vancouver area, Bekins provides a comprehensive selection of local and long-distance moving services. Whether you’re moving inside Canada, across the country, to the United States, or even internationally, they can handle your relocation professionally and securely from start to finish.

Bekins World Wide Moving
Bekins World Wide Moving | Source:

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9. Power Movers Moving

At POWER MOVERS, they realize how difficult it may be to relocate, and they’re here to help. Make sure your moving company has your best interests at heart. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff when you hire POWER MOVERS to move. Their movers are experts in adapting to your needs so that you not only trust them but also feel that you can let go of your burdens and relax. Relax and let them take care of the rest after you’ve finished packing.

Power Movers Moving
Power Movers Moving | Source: Canada247

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10. DuMonde Delivery ASAP, Vancouver Moving Company

Residential and commercial moving, piano moving, and junk removal in Vancouver BC are all areas where DuMonde excels at providing exceptional service to its clients.

Founded in 2003, DuMonde (est. 2003) is Vancouver’s premier piano moving and junk removal company. We are a British Columbia-based company dedicated to providing excellent service and guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction on all of our services provided to the wonderful residents of British Columbia.

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11. Reliable Moving Limited

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12. Music Box Piano Movers Vancouver

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13. Home Run Movers

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14. Moonline Moving Ltd

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15. Montgomery Moving Co.

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16. Metro Vancouver Movers

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17. RIF Moving Company Vancouver

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18. Real Pro Movers

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19. Canada Falcon Moving Inc.

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20. BC Movers

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