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The Condofication of the City Cycle Core

Mies van der Rohe vs Bicycles? What would furniture designers have to do with Cycling?
At first they appear to have 6 degrees of design separation, however classic style and function is finding its way into the downtown core both through interior and exterior style.

Those who have ridden on or alongside a King or Queen streetcar would notice an abundance of young fashion concious professionals who traverse minimal city blocks or subway stops from their doorstep to their desktop.

In the gentrification of older patches of Toronto exist families who have chosen to integrate their workplace close enough to their neighbourhood while embracing the simple options of walking, riding and public transit while leading a car free or car optional lifestyle.

The March 2010 issue of Condolife magazine shows that there are approximately 120 condos that are being developed for sale within the downtown Toronto core.

Having the pleasure of owning a condo at the foot of Bathurst and Lakeshore before migrating to Etobicoke to raise my family, I’ve been privy to yearly neighbourhood changes due to the, “Condofication” of Toronto.

Each Condo can approximately house nearly 200+ units and with an extra 120 Condos on the horizon with 25000+ additional residents moving in and out of the downtown core, the current lack of available residential parking makes driving and owning an automobile in the city more of a want than a need.

I’ve noticed the that the available bicycle parking for these vertical communities are overflowing which could mean a shift in the transportation culture within the Condo Core.
For those who follow Spacing Magazine like I do, will clue in that this change in our urban landscape will ultimately have an effect on viable options for the transportation culture of its residents.
The Google map views are already starting to show small improvements in the streets that surround the downtown condos, additions of bicycle lanes and zebra stripe pedestrian crossings are helping to define a complete street strategy for the inhabitants of the condo culture.
And although incomplete bike lanes that end at 24 hour grocery stores in 30 storey Condominiums may not sound like much now, its the start of a new era.
Listening live on the internet to the discussions of City Council contemplating the start of BIXI Toronto’s is giving hope to the new and future 25000+ condo Toronto residents who may require an alternative transportation option.
We can only hope that City Council can help design a cycle friendly core.
Whats next, BIXI Condo Cycle Sharing?
Lets ride and find out.

Posted: May 11th, 2010
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