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Anybody but Ford; our civic duty.

Rob Ford bears a striking resemblance to Peter Griffin

For a few choice quotes, check out

I have never liked “anybody but X campaigns”. They seem devoid of  information on whom we might choose instead and what makes the alternative better. (Although, when Newfoundland’s Danny Williams did it, it was pretty good. It’s just funny when one of the very members of the X party, hoists up an “anybody but X” flag.)

That said, the candidates I might propose in lieu of Mr. Ford, are Mr. Smitherman or Mr. Pantalone. Joe Pantalone has been the cyclists’ favourite for a while as he seems to be the candidate most in support of bike lanes. On the other hand, latest photo opps have Smitherman signing up for a Bixi Bike membership.

Ford, meanwhile describes a “war on cars” happening in the city. He feels that Toronto streets are for cars and not for bicycles.

While this election is not riding only on transportation, it is important to remember that we have an increasing obesity problem in this country. Cycling (and safe cycling infrastructure) remain part of the solution to that problem. Solutions to the obesity problem lead to greater quality of life and greater life expectancy among Canadians.

Further, the beauty in the bike as a mode of transportation is in having the option to get your workout at the same time as your commute. (I might note that good cycling infrastructure is a fabulous 3-in-one deal: it eases gridlock, helps to decrease Canadian obesity, while providing less wear & tear on our roads thereby requiring less costly, long-term upkeep.) Ford, who claims to be very business-minded, somehow misses the beautiful efficiency in this equation. While it is true that with Ford as Mayor, the city’s production of entertaining satire might go way up, let us also remember that by posing himself in opposition to something as sensible as bike lanes, he’s limiting our options in fighting a serious health problem in this country, and a serious gridlock problem in our city. Mr. Ford has every right to adopt whatever lifestyle and whatever girth he wants. But please don’t let him legislate yours and mine. Get out there and vote!

October 25th is the day we are called upon to do our municipal civic duty. Do you know if you are on the voter’s list? Here’s how you can check!

Posted: September 27th, 2010
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One Comment on “Anybody but Ford; our civic duty.”

  1. 1 Joe Pantalone's Campaign Team said at 8:22 am on September 27th, 2010:

    Hi Cat!

    Thanks so much for your blog post and your consideration of Joe! As you’ve already seen through our site, Joe’s a strong supporter of bikes as an important means of transportation in our city.

    Thanks again,

    Joe Pantalone’s Campaign Team

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