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Is Quebec Canada’s Cycling Nirvana?

Where is the best and most bike-friendly part of Canada, in your opinion?

So far, my vote goes to la belle province, (a.k.a. Quebec)! Look at the ground covered by their bike trails!
Vélo Québec

Clearly, we Torontonians need to send a reconnaissance team to check it out and get something going that cool here. I know we have the Bruce trail, which I quite enjoy… but how cyclable is the Bruce? Ever try to ride through the wooded parts up in the peninsula with gear on the back?

Posted: April 30th, 2010
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6 Comments on “Is Quebec Canada’s Cycling Nirvana?”

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  2. 2 leckyf said at 10:39 am on April 30th, 2010:

    I’ve cycled right up the St. Lawrence from the Ontario/Quebec border to Riviere du Loup and feel pretty great about that long stretch. and it’s ridiculously flat (for those who hate hills).

    It beats the hell out of Ontario (and I don’t actually mind Ontario country riding).

  3. 3 Cat B said at 10:10 pm on April 30th, 2010:

    I haven’t tried biking in Quebec yet, alas. But all signs point to quality biking. :)

  4. 4 Todd Tyrtle said at 8:22 am on May 1st, 2010:

    My company sent me to live in Quebec City for 8 months. I commuted to work about 10 km each way for most of that time. What I noticed was a *huge* difference in driver attitudes. Still the same number of inattentive folks and bad/careless drivers, of course. However, what I did *not* see one of, during a whole spring, summer and part of autumn of commuting were angry drivers. Folks were patient, gave me the space and time I needed.

    There aren’t a *ton* of bike lanes in the city but there are a few – some painted on wide sidewalks, others on the road like here. There are quite a number of off-road trails as well that go along the rivers.

    A few trails of La Route Vert are nearby and I checked them out as well. One, the Corridor des Cheminots was *wonderful*. Think of our Rail Trail but going close to 100 km. Along the way there are a few restaurants with takeout windows that face the trail and have bike parking as well as a number of hotels/B&Bs. In fact, there’s a “bike friendly” certification for hotels and campgrounds ( that ensures:

    * A covered and locked location to store your bicycle at night.

    * If there is restaurant service, your nutritional needs will be taken into account and you will be offered generous portions of fruits and vegetables and high-carb meals.

    * A pump and tools for making minor repairs.

    * Information about local bicycle repair centres, bicycle rental outlets and tourist information offices.

    So my experience there was *overwhelmingly* positive. And what I saw was that if you provide that sort of experience, lots of tourists come and take advantage of it. Even on a not-so-nice day the Corridor des Cheminots, for example, had almost the traffic of the Martin Goodman Trail even well out of the city limits.

  5. 5 Cat B said at 9:46 pm on May 1st, 2010:

    That does sounds like nirvana.
    I had the same experience with motorists when I lived in France. They were very patient with a cyclist, as long as rules of the road were respected. And the bike lanes were clearly marked out.
    We need to import that bike-friendly goodness!

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