Ride Details


Is limited. We have lots of space but also permit and venue space to worry about.
Registration is now open online and will close when we reach capacity. If we haven’t reached capacity we will open registration to newcomers between 12- 230pm the day of.
Register on-line and pick up your Tweed kit (arm band, program, swag) and drop off any fundraising dollars at the gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park on Queen St. West  from 12-230pm prior to the ride.
my friend registered and doesn’t want his spot now. can i have it?
If that is the case, contact us directly and we’ll see what we can do.

How will anyone know I am a Tweed Rider?
With your dapper outfit, bicycle and Limited Edition Smoking Lily Arm-Band, that’s how!
This will be your ticket to the after-party, swag, tea service (please bring your own tea cup), and more.

After you pick up your kit you may mingle about checking out the other dandy outfits/cycles. (Perhaps have a tweed picnic blanket ready for resting during such occasions.)

Hopefully just after 3pm we will ring a loud bell announcing the ride commencement so don’t saunter off.

There will be visible Tweed Volunteers dispersed along the route for your aid.
We will leave Trinity Bellwoods Park through the gates and onto bustling Queen Street West traveling east to show off our Tweeds.

We do not have road closure or traffic re-routing permits so all riders must obey all standard traffic laws. We will stop for all traffic lights along the route.

We will also stop near the Grange Park behind the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for Tea Service compliments of Urbane Cyclist (http://www.ucycle.com/). Please bring your own tea cup for the tea service.
There will be a special contest and prize given out at the after party for “Top Notch Tea Cup” so we recommend you do it up in style.

What Do I wear on the Tweed Ride?
Tweed was around from the turn of the century with it’s height in the 1940s. We hope our videos and photos will inspire you to conjure up your finest interpretation of fashion and lifestyle from this historical period. It’s not necessary but perhaps try to wear at least one item of Tweed fabric –  more importantly get creative and have fun.
Click here for places to find Tweedish clothes in Toronto!

What if it rains that day?
If a light sprinkling is in the forecast we’ll keep calm and ride on so add some rain gear to your outfit.
If it’s really going to down pour and put a damper on the ride it will be postponed until the spring.
Should a date change occur Tweed Ride Toronto organizers will notify participants a few days before the event.  Registration fees will not be reimbursed. It goes to a good cause so we hope you understand.

Tweed musts and must nots.

  • You must obey traffic laws
  • You must bring a tea cup (and saucer preferably). You can’t drink tea with your hands.
  • You must bring a bike of some sort to ride.

I understand that in the event of a rain the organizers will have rights to move the event date until the spring. If I am unable to attend then my registration fee can be given to another ride or simply kept as a donation.