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Kenk: Search for Closure

As all Cyclists in the city already know….After years and years of general apathy towards bike theft in Toronto, city officials and law enforcement officers took on a suddenly very keen and marked interest with the infamous Igor Kenk in July 2008. Not simply showing a renewed resolve in the dispensation of their duty to investigate bike theft, but in fact in orchestrating a full blown sting operation on Igor Kenk’s infamous Bike Clinic on Queen West, exactly where Kenk had already operated for years in plain sight sight of the law on sidewalk of Queen West. This fully publicised operation was very well covered in the Media with supporting facts, figures, and background info that was all prepared in time for the first printings the very next day. This level of fully produced PR exposure indicates not only a keen interest in both the prompt execution of this successful sting operation, but als the need to have a very well prepared Press Corp. that could get news onto the street in the very next day’s morning editions. Thus the City must have had a clear desire to promote their sudden desire to create the Public Perceptions required to show that the issue of bike theft had indeed been dealt a sever blow here in Toronto.

Since then though, Torontonians in general, and Cyclists in particular, had been waiting quite awhile for Justice to be served. Waiting visible signs of restitution, or at least some sort of karmic balance to be applied in the unfolding of the infamous case of Igor Kenk vs The Crown.  instrad, last month after Kenk’s unheralded release from custody, we were all left to go search for our own signs of closure instead…So I’ll offer you mine HERE in case you feel that there needs to be more told in this sudden summation by the City of the Kenk Saga:

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Posted: April 16th, 2010
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