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Sidewalk Sissies ?

The return of warmer times and climes,  is enticing more people outdoors to enjoy the City at a more leisurely pace, and with that the return of casual cyclists. Unfortunately the sidewalks have also gotten busier with people who don’t actually belong there…

Although there are all sorts of reasons why it could be acceptable to coast along a sidewalk before or after making a stop…What boggles the mind is wondering where so many grown adults ever got the idea that it’s actually acceptable to ride on sidewalks? There seem to be more excuses about avoiding “risks” than actually understanding what the true risks actually are…and the sidewalk riders might be astounded to find out that not only are they endangering Pedestrians, Seniors and Children…but that they are in fact also ADDING to their own risks ! ! !

I’ve put together the details over at, and even included a little slice of hockey-style justice, for anyone who truly doesn’t see that they don’t have the right to be a menace to others…

Learn the real risks right here…

Posted: April 11th, 2010
Filed under: Safety and Security
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