My baby of four years has been stolen fr…

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My baby of four years has been stolen from outside Clintons on Bloor Street (just East of Christie Pits).
It was taken on Monday night (March 31st) or rather Tuesday morning at around midnight (April 1st). This is sad for I took many precautions (two locks..checked on it four times) and still thieves are able to take whats most important to me in a ten minute window of time. .

It is a Giant Boulder SE with RED frame and BLK writing.
17″ frame
Shimano brakes
Xalan seat
Large silver bell on the LEFT handle bar
RIGHThandle bar is ripping.
Code USHAG on base of seat

This bike was purchased in Edmonton, Alberta
so it bears a Western Cycle sticker #6061 near the handle bars
and the initials K.E are carved into the frame.