Black GT Aggressor

My bike got stolen near the intersection of queensway and islington

They took the frame and front tire, generously left me my back tire.


Color: Matt black with some red lettering

Type moutain bike, one set of shocks on the front wheel.

Other identifiers: the top tub near the seat is very worn due to a lock, also there is a very tangled                                                black lock that is forever locked on my frame due lost keys.

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F.I.T. Eddie 3 with Electric Blue Sidewalls


My bike was stolen on Saturday evening/ night from king street and princess street intersection, I AM OFFERING A REWARD TO THENPERSON WHO FINDS IT, it has electric blue pedals and the rest of the bike looks exactly like this. Please help me get my bike back!! Thank you everyone

The bike is a 2010 F.I.T Eddie 3 in matte black with electric blue pedals and tirewalls, the seat had a rubberized logo in the center with a slit in it, there are a few factory white stickers on it.

via stolen bikes ontario.

Stolen from bike rack at 400 Jarvis

My bright red 14 year old Gary Fisher, Pirahna XS was stolen just outside/in front of 400 Jarvis today (unsure of the time- I was inside from 9-12:30), from the bike rack.  My seat is mostly black and a bit wider, with a tear in the middle from wear.  Also the tires have been changed to Schwalbe Marathon tires which are less chunky. The person who stole it left the front wheel and took the rest. If y’all have any information, I’d appreciate the help. Thank you!