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Groups on BikingToronto are a gathering of members, wire posts and forum topics. Any member can create a group on BikingToronto. They then become the group administrator giving them heightened privileges within that group. Every group includes the following possible features that can be added by the group creator:

  • group information
  • latest group news
  • group wire
  • group forum
  • group avatar/photo
  • RSS feed importing

The main Groups page is here, and to check out the groups you’ve joined, to create a new group, or to view groups you’ve been invited to, just select the “Groups” option from “My Account” on the User Bar.

How to Create a Group:

1) You can create a group if you are a member of BikingToronto. Becoming a member is easy and free to do. Click here to do it. Once you’re a member, you’ll see a handy “User Bar” across the top of every page on the site which lets you do all types of stuff.

2) Go to “My Account” on the User Bar, and a drop-down menu will appear… hovering your mouse pointer over “Groups” gives you some group options. Select “Create A Group” (screenshot below).


3) You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter general information about your group… specifically a name, a general description and any recent news you’d like people to know about. To move to the next step, click the “Create Group and Continue” button (screenshot below).

Biking Toronto — admin — Groups — Create a Group_1262206856339

4) The next page is where you’ll set discussion options as well as how public your group is.

You’ll first see two checkboxes that let you enable a Comment Wire (like a wall on facebook) and a Discussion Forum. You can then set the level of access your group has.

A Public Group is one that anyone can join at any time and all of the info in it is public.

A Private Group is one that people can request to join, but only you as group administrator can grant them membership. Content in the group is only visible to members.

A Hidden Group is well, hidden. The group will not show up on any group directories, and people need to be invited to the group in order to join it.

Click on Next Step to continue making your group.


Biking Toronto — admin — Groups — Create a Group_1262208591365

5) The next page is where you can set an “Avatar” or Picture for your group.  If you have a logo that you’d like to be on your group, or just a photo, you can upload it here.

Click on Next Step to continue making your group.


Biking Toronto — admin — Groups — Create a Group_1262209047812

6) The next page is the “External Blog Feed” page… which allows you to import an RSS feed [?] into your group.  This is extremely useful if you are setting up a group for a bike organization that has a website with an RSS feed, or if you have any other RSS feed from a website that you’d like your group members to know about.

Click on Next Step to continue making your group.


Biking Toronto — admin — Groups — Create a Group_1262209461654

7) The last page in the group creation process is the “Invite Friends” page.  Here you can invite any of the people that you have “friended” on BikingToronto.   You don’t have to invite anyone at this stage… people will still be able to join your group (as long as you made it a public group), and you can always invite your friends to join from within the group at any time. Once other people join the group, they in turn can invite their friends.

Click on Finish to complete making your group!


Biking Toronto — admin — Groups — Create a Group_1262210075854

There you go! You’ve created a BikingToronto Group.

If you have any questions about group creation, be sure and contact us.