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Super Secret $9 Shirt Page

I Bike T.O. shirts for just $9.

SORRY – this sale is NOW OVER.  Contact me at via email if you’d like to order one.

(this includes all taxes and shipping)

PLEASE NOTE: Our next print run of shirts is being done in November. You are welcome to get your order in now, and you’ll have it in December, but just be sure you know about the bit of a delay.

  • This is done via Paypal to cut down on administration work.  You do NOT need a Paypal account to buy a shirt – just punch in your info after you click “Buy Now”below and they will do the rest. They keep payment information super-secure, and that’s important.
  • If you want to order more than one shirt, you have to go through the process again. Paypal charges a bunch of fees for a shopping cart option, and I’m trying to keep your cost down as much as possible.
  • All prices are INCLUSIVE of ALL Taxes, Packaging and Shipping!
  • Size Chart is here
  • Available colours at bottom of this page (scroll down)
  • About our Supplier:
    • Entripy Custom Clothing uses garments that are sweatshop free and produced in Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP – www.wrapapparel.org) accredited facilities.
    • All chemicals used by Entripy are natural, biodegradable materials. Although they cost twice as much as traditional chemicals, they are uncompromising.



Available Colours:

Royal Blue


Pacific Blue



Cyber Pink


Burnt Orange



I Bike T.O. Shirts
available in 12 colours

I Bike T.O. Shirts
available in 12 colours

I Bike T.O. Shirts
available in 12 colours

Left Wing Pinko Shirts
available in 12 colours