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art college bikes

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  1. That’s a beautiful picture at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

    Speaking of design, don’t they know those bike lock up are rwally badly designed? Your front wheel slides in between two trianglar guides who’s only purpose seems to be to help cyclists figure out how your supposed to use the contraption – and perhaps to entangle your cables. Now, your handle bars pushed against the cross member and your front wheel on the ground are precariously balancing the weight of your bike so when another cyclist tries to get in beside your bike and touches it, it tilts askew: frame leaning on a 80 degree angle, the front wheel pointing 45 degrees and the handle hars sticking up out of parallel with the “bike rack” cross member.

    Now the next cyclist has to straighten up your bike to get theirs in, and that topples the next bike.

    Not to mention you have to have a really long cable lock to secure your back wheel.

    How embarrassing for the OCAD (if they noticed).

  2. Those triangle racks are annoying, I agree.

    OCAD did have a competition to design new bike racks. The winning submission looks like a tree grew around a post and ring, and was then flattened. Here’s an article from yesterday about it: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/621653

  3. Hmmm… perhaps the professors forgot to add that the design needs to work in the real world of budgets and such.

    Justin Rosete and Erica Mach, I love the aesthetics.

    Eureka! I just had a brilliant idea while writing this – we’ll plant trees (or trees big enough, say 8 inch diameter), drill holes through them and attach hoops!

    As the tree grows, hoop space remains available for locking.

    Ask a tree surgeon who isn’t anal – it will work.

  4. Oh, sh*t Duncan, just re-read your take. Guess where I got the ‘brilliant’ idea of trees with rings from? :)

  5. That Star article has a photo that makes the posts look really close together.

    On the OCAD press release about the contest last year, you can see a better view, along with other finalists of the contest (some of which were being discussed for other locations along Queen West)

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