Broken Bicycle

via derrideb on flickr


  1. I didn’t really know what was happening with scenes like this until I met a guy who regularly when out and ‘harvested’ parts from these ‘carcasses’.

    The vernacular of the practice says it all.

    My only question was, ‘before it was a carcass wasn’t it someones bicycle ride to work?’ At some point it was, then someone STOLE a wheel, and there it sat… the owner too dejected to buy a new wheel, or didn’t have the tools to do the job and the bikes not worth the price to have it fixed… and got the bus pass instead.

    And then the vultures start “innocently” picking at it.

    In defence of my friend, at least he was a ‘late stage’ picker, I never asked him how many parts had to be missing to make the act morally defensible. No reflectors, no bell, (those are the first to go). No wheels? Certainly that must be theft. Handlebars? Hmmm… .

    After the front-end is gone perhaps? That sounds about right – no ‘head’.

    At that point it’s recycling for sure.

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