Bike Cop Posse

IMG_0949 follow the leader

via Xander N’Dante on Flickr


  1. Good morning Joe,

    Well it’s good to see all the rookies have to do bike patrol. :)

    Ten years ago when I messengered we used to laugh at the conditioning of the bicycle police. These guys don’t look very much better.

    One day soon – when they’re able to catch up to a messenger on a REAL bike, catch their eye and yell in their ear, “Pull Over!” – you just might better do it. ;)

    All the more reason to represent the craft with aplomb, make sure your not endangering others (and obey the rules – that make sense for people doing piece work on a bike).

  2. Who would of thought that a bike messenger albeit a former one would leave a derogatory comment about police officers !
    These men and women are not rookies…many have served your community for many years and are attached to their respective community response units.
    And yes…they will even protect YOU, despite your obvious contempt for them and the position they hold.

  3. Good shot. Please note: this is the exact opposite of cycle chic. Police officers also have reflective logos and stripes and flashing lights on the roof of their cars. Regular people do not need it.

  4. Bike Cops are awesome. They are stylish in their own way. :)

  5. Sheerluck Holmes,

    Thanks for the feed back.

    I think though that if you read a little more closely, I was giving some advice about the *kind* of bikes the police service might consider – and – I can tell a rider vs a rookie rider from a block and a half away.

    Please note I also give advice to messengers to obey the law – don’t endanger others (meaning sidewalk riding, red light and stop sign running) – even though the streets are built for cars and trucks, and are thus extraordinarily dangerous to work on.

    I’m not ‘blaming the messenger’ so to speak (in both cases), but the state-of-things.


  6. But where is Mario Lopez???

  7. From one of Duncan’s comments on this Kids in the Hall courier video (which I actually got from bikeroo‘s twitterfeed):

  8. Oh… embedding doesn’t work in comments (I’ll have to look into that). Here’s the link:

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