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Trikke Bikes – Carving Vehicles, like Rollerblading on a Scooter

Sunday, August 8, 2010 (updated with video, August 9th)

“Carving Vehicles” from Trikke Tech Inc.

This is new one on me.  Trikke (pronounced ‘trike’) is a three wheeled scooter with flexible axial orientation that allows you to power it like you would a pair of rollerblades. A scooter and rollerblades morphed into one.

You power forward simply by leaning in with your hips – then into the other side, like rollerblading or ice skating. Looks really stable, and unlike rollerblades, with their block drag stop, Trikke Bikes have trustworthy, quick stop, bicycle breaks on the handle bars. OR, you can stop just like on ice skates – with a three wheel side-slide! How cool is that?

Check out this video that Joe T. pointed to in comments last night:

The BVP "Body Powered Vehicle" or Carving Vehicle in action

The BVP "Body Powered Vehicle" or Carving Vehicle in action

As well, Trikke Bikes come in ‘power assist’ models.

Electric Hybrid

BVP Electric Hybrid

The BVP Electric Hybrid top of the line "Red Bull"

The BVP Electric Hybrid top of the line "Red Bull"

And a ski version.

The Ski Trekke

The Ski Trekke

And sizes for kids too!

Child sized Trikkes

Child sized Trikkes

Prices range from US$120.00 for the basic body powered version up to US$2000.00 for the Delux Hybred Assist model.

Dealerships aren’t set up in Canada yet, but you can buy online.

Update:  Sunday August 8th 2010 – 11:49

My bad.

In comments below, Margot pointed to several Canadian authorized dealers of the Trikke. This one is in Toronto:

Canadian Wind Rider Inc.
26 Elfindale Crescent
Toronto, Ontario M2J1B5
416-497-wind (9463)

Thanks Margot.


Posted: August 8th, 2010
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Bicycles Crushed as Building facade falls on Yonge Street sidewalk

Apr 16, 2010 @ 13:44

Luckily no one was hurt on Yonge St. near Gould as a building’s facade collapsed at noon hour today. The accident happened right around the corner from Ryerson University.

Building's facade at Yonge and Glould falls on Bikes!

Building's facade at Yonge and Gould falls on Bikes!

Is it just me or are there bicycles in every story, every picture you see of the city these days (it’s just me). Cycling is on the rise in Toronto and predictably, because it’s a campus area there are a lot of bikes tied up along every street in the area. According to the CBC Radio reporter on the scene several bicycles can be seen sticking out of the pile of rubble.

A moment for the bikes…

I hope the owners had insurance.

Michael Holloway

Link to the CBC Toronto piece.
Image courtesy CBC Toronto.

Posted: April 16th, 2010
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