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New Usability at the Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki

Cyclists Sharing Routes around Toronto

Apr 6, 2010 @ 18:32

Biking Toronto’s Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project has made some changes that make it easier for people to contribute their favourite cycling routes.

  1. New “Submission Box” makes it easier to add maps
  2. “You Can Help!” section is simpler -  more links!
  3. Wider Format – Bigger Maps!

The New Submission Box.

If you’re a Biking Toronto Member (register here), you’re now automatically a member of the Map Making Wiki Project too! That means you can use the new fun, easier to use Submissions Box at the top of the Wiki’s main page. (It’s invisible if your not signed in)

Wiki Submission Box Biking Toronto Blog m holloway April 6 2010

Your name will appear, not mine :)

With the Submission Box you can:

  1. Upload a map from your computer
  2. Leave the URL of a map you’ve made
  3. Request a map

(see details in “You Can Help!”)

A Better “You Can Help!”

The “You Can Help” section in the sidebar is simpler. With new links and more options, it’s now easier to add maps to the Wiki!

New Wider Format – Bigger Maps!

The sidebar is narrower in the new format – so all the maps have been biggy-ed up to fill the new space. That makes it easier to see whether or not the map you’re looking at – is a map you need.

Wiki New Format Signed out Biking Toronto Blog m holloway April 6 2010

As before, simply click on the thumbnail map to go to the original interactive map where just like at Google Maps you can zoom in, zoom out or turn the satellite feature on. You can even change the map – and save your new, better version to post back at the Wiki!

Thanks to Joe T for all the help! :)

Michael Holloway
Wiki admin.

Posted: April 6th, 2010
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Any Map Making Application will Do*

The Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project

Mar 24, 2010 @ 18:08

Biking Toronto member Todd Tyrtle made a map using the map making application. He sent me the maps URL in comments, and I posted it at the Biking Toronto’s “Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki“.

So, if you want to add a map to the wiki you can use any map making application as long as it allows you to save your map. Just send me the link and I’ll take it from there.

So far we have proven two mapping applications that allow you to save maps:

  • If you are not a map making type person but have a bicycle route request, I’ll put the question to the route mapping brain trust that’s developing here at Biking Toronto – and we’ll see if we can make one to fit your needs.


    Posted: March 24th, 2010
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    Mapping Wiki getting to the point where we need a List

    Mar 22, 2010 @ 3:32

    The Biking Toronto blog ”Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki” got a new indexing feature today.

    The "List of Maps" in Route Mapping Wiki

    The "List of Maps" in Route Mapping Wiki

    The “List of Maps” is broken out by which point on the compass the map starts.

    You can add a map too! Cyclists who want to make their own map:

    * Go to Sport Distance Calculator, make a map of your favourite route… (save is above the map)
    * Then post the URL of the map in Twitter (there’s a button for that), and add #BikeRouteWiki to the end of your Tweet

    I will monitor the Twitter list – when a new map comes in I will take a picture of it to use as thumbnail and publish it in FilterBlogs – with a link back to the original Sport Distance Calculator user generated map. The original map is secured with a pass word and only the creator can make changes to it.

    (If you do change your map – please re-post in the Twitter list – so I’ll be aware of it – changes may effect the search label it gets.)

    All Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project maps are posted in Twitter at List: ‘#BikeRouteWiki‘.


    Posted: March 22nd, 2010
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    Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki gets it’s First Contribution!

    Mar 21, 2010 @ 9:17

    Dawn, a Biking Toronto reader,  contributed a map to this blogs sister site, the “Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki“. It’s the first outside contribution to the project.

    Thank You Dawn, your a Saint.

    If you make a map but you don’t use Twitter, just leave the maps URL link here in comments – I’ll post it in the Wiki.

    Or, if your not a map making type person, request a route: let me know what you will be doing (Safe Commute, Recreation with the kids, or Fast! and Dangerous!). Just leave a note here in comments and I’ll make a map for you.

    Dawn left me a message in the comments box after she made her map at the  Sport Distance Calculator:

    Dawn’s Bike Route to work
    Created by : Dawn
    Departure city : Toronto
    Direct link to this route :

    Commentary by creator :
    “My current bike route, but would like a less busier one once I get to Yonge.”

    King Street West is Busy! I avoid it if I can.

    Dawn’s map, on the left is fast and direct; mine, on the right is safe, relaxing, but fairly efficient I think. My route is 1.6 km longer but the reduced stress makes it feel shorter. :)

    Each map here in the blog has a link in it that goes to it’s page in the wiki – so just click on the map for a larger view (opens in a new tab/window).


    Posted: March 21st, 2010
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    New Blog at Biking Toronto

    Mar 13, 2010 @ 19:01

    I’ve created a new blog here in Biking Toronto which will house all the maps created in the “Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project”.

    The new blog is titled, “Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki“.

    There, all the maps created by members of the wiki will be listed as large thumbnails.

    The maps will be indexed with the blogs “Word Cloud”. So if you want a map that gets your from your home in say East York to your work, say at College Park – you’d click on ‘College Park’ in the Word Cloud, that will take you to a page of thumbnails in the blog tagged with ‘College Park’ – scroll down through the maps to see if there’s one that starts near your home.

    We’ll see how this develops as we add maps; perhaps other indexing will be necessary…

    Michael Holloway

    Posted: March 13th, 2010
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