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Car: Overtake, Brake and Turn – Recipe for a Bike Collision

A ‘Video Bicycle Ride

Overtake, Brake and Turn – it’s an all too common practice, and a recipe for a car/bike collision – and in one recent case a cyclist’s death.  (see @Blog_FreeWheel –

In this short clip it’s noon rush hour, about half past 12 – just west of the Beaches, Toronto – 07 March 2012.

I’m cycling westbound on Queen Street just east of Woodbine – approaching Elmer Av.  A Car driver over takes me, cuts me off, brakes, and then makes a right hand turn at speed, up Elmer.


If I had not been breaking to also take the same corner, I likely would have had to bail into the curb.  If a pedestrian had stepped out to cross Elmer -(with right of way) this driver would have had a hard time avoiding hitting them – and I would have ended up on his roof.

This is a perfect example of a very common dangerous maneuver - having to get in front of the ‘perception’ that the cyclist is slowing you down.

Yes – ‘Perception’ – this road-rage-causing competitive driving is a neurosis.  His identity is based in this by-the-seat-of-your-pants-driving – with no thought given (until the unthinkable happens) to the consequences if this ‘Master of the Universe’ strategy fails.

If he had slowed and let me lead in my lane he would have parked his car maybe 5 seconds later than he did.



I created the video using a Samsung ES25 Digital Camera in Video Mode strapped to my head with a sweat band – and edited it with the YouTube Video Editor (

See more (and soon more, more) video in this ‘Video Bicycle Ride’ series, at my Youtube Channel -




Posted: March 7th, 2012
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