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If everyday was a Sunday in February – we wouldn’t need Bike Lanes on Leslie Street

New Video in a continuing series: A Cyclist’s-eye-view of riding Leslie Street – now with correct camera aperture, and a head-cam!!!
(video is letter-box, on it’s end – perfect for smart phones!)
Another ride along Leslie Street in February – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – this time on a Sunday. Fixed the aperture setting on my Samsung SE25 – so not over exposed. And, I mounted the camera to my head! :)

Leslie Street is one of of four access points that is available to cyclists and pedestrians for crossing Lake Shore Boulevard in order that they may visit the Water Front of Toronto – and the about to open, “Tommy Thompson Park” – which is just a little further south on the reclaimed Leslie Spit. (Leslie St and Unwin Av – Google Map:

From a cyclist’s point of view, these videos attempt to tell the story of how dangerous Leslie Street is for bike riders and pedestrians – and I expect, how harrowing it is to drive it – having to share the road with slower moving things with so much else going on at the same time.

Video:  ”If everyday was a Sunday in February – we wouldn’t need Bike Lanes on Leslie Street


Leslie Street along this short section has four traffic lights and intersects three major transportation corridors: Queen Street, Eastern Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard. The forth set of stop lights is for the il-conceived exits onto Leslie for the Loblaws and Price Choppers parking lots.

The ‘chicane’ on Eastern, just as it approaches Leslie from the West, makes that intersection dangerous because all road users, from any direction – can’t see what’s coming. Add to that the fact that the Eastern Avenue East-bound Bike Lanes end at the intersection, and we have a confluence of use-vectors that add up to Information Overload.

The street as it is now configured is a death trap.

The reconstruction of Leslie because of the TTC construction starting next month (March 2012) is an opportunity for the people of the neighbourhood and our representatives (and staff) at City Hall to imagine a better street.

The Leslie Street Complete Streets Working Group is meeting periodically and has lobbied all concerned about this issue. We are now at the end of the City of Toronto mandated, ‘Pubic Consultation Process’ – with no ground given on bike infrastructure. Now I think, we enter a phase of political organizing – we have to get a ground swell of popular support for cycling infrastructure on Leslie Street.

For more more information, or to get involved – Contact me at, michaelholloway111(at)gmail(dot)com


This is Part 2 of an ongoing Series.

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Posted: February 26th, 2012
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