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Nice Ride Minnesota Expanding – Bike Share hugely popular

StreetFilms VIDEO

“You’ve got to go big or go home.”
R.T. Rybak
Mayor, City of Minneapolis

Nice Ride Minnesota started one year ago with 65 stations and 700 bikes. This year they’re expanding the hugely popular system, and now they’re about to add 51 new stations that will dock a total of 1200 bikes.

BIXI Toronto started this spring (May 3, 2011), with 1,000 bikes and 80 stations. Council will be looking at the program and deciding weather to expand it this fall.

The Toronto Cyclists Union has a campaign underway to encourage council to expand the program to 3000 bikes with a larger service area next year. Councillor Mike Layton is leading the charge inside City Hall’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.

Advocates want the service expanded to an area bounded by Dupont St. to the north, High Park to the west and Broadview Ave. to the east. Currently, the boundary is Bloor St. to the north, Spadina Ave. to the west and Jarvis St. to the east. The proposal is the original plan that council scaled back after City Council vote that gave final approval for the Bike Share program in 2010.

BIXI Toronto Service Area - 2011 via

BIXI Toronto Service Area - 2011 (links to

Initial data from the first few months shows a high demand on the edges of the current service block, says BIXI’s Jared Kolb, director of membership and outreach, indicating a demand potential that could help sustain the popular program through scaling efficiencies.
(See article at Toronto Star June 26, 2011: “More bikes needed to help Bixi survive, says union“)

From the Cyclists Union page “Toronto Cyclists Union Launches Campaign to Expand BIXI!“:

Given the high level of ridership and demand at the edges of the service area, the Toronto Cyclists Union wants to see an expanded BIXI program of 3,000 bicycles serving more Torontonians across a larger service area.

“To that end, we have requested that City Staff be directed, through the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, to formulate a framework for expanding BIXI Toronto. To compliment this request, we have also launched a petition titled “We Want More BIXI!” on our website. Please take a moment to sign our petition!

Via Grist (a beacon in the smog), “Bikeshare makes for a Nice Ride in Minneapolis” by Sarah Goodyear.

Embed of StreetFilms video: “Nice Ride MN: Minnesota’s Bike Share Expands” on Vimeo.


Posted: August 2nd, 2011
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Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania smarter than a Ford

[VIDEO] Car parked in Bike Lane gets destroyed by Tank!

What this city needs is more armoured personnel carriers. Traffic enforcement officers could drive them about instead of those little eco-friendly things they drive now — and when they see a car parked in one of the few remaining bike lanes…

No messy ticket writing, no court date … No Rule of Law!


Sounds like a Mayor Rob Ford kind of solution doesn’t it?.


Via Grist (a beacon in the smog), “Mayor of Vilnius takes out Mercedes parked in bike lane—with a tank [VIDEO]” by Sarah Goodyear


Posted: August 2nd, 2011
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