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My Map route to the BikingToronto Social – at “The Maddy”

Madison Pub

Google Street View on Madison Ave. looking west - The Madison Pub - site of the June 6th 2011 BikingToronto Social (7:00 PM)

I’m Going to the BikingToronto social tonight 7:00 PM June 6th 2011 – I always like to be prepared for a trip in near rush hour conditions, so I made a map of my intended route that (hopefully) will avoid killer traffic.

View Getting to “The Maddy” in rush hour for the BikingToronto Social June 6th 2011 in a larger map

I can’t stay too long though – afterwards (for an 8:00 start) I’m heading straight down Huron Street via Phoebe and Soho, to Queen and Cameron St. to see a play – at the Cameron House pub. The three mini-plays being staged in the back space are an Archival Acting performance – three short works by Actors/Writers Susan Applewhaite, Geoff Kolomayz and Edgar Nentwig – directed and produced by Beline Caroline Azar. PWYC 8-10 PM.


Posted: June 6th, 2011
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One Comment on “My Map route to the BikingToronto Social – at “The Maddy””

  1. 1 michael holloway said at 11:53 pm on June 6th, 2011:

    The route was perfect, no incidets until Church and Carlton, where a jogger was running on the road beside some construction barriers that were blocking the right lane – then out of no-where, several pedestrians walking against the traffic flow, on the street! I stopped got off the bike and walked to the end of the construction area.

    Other than that, the trip was relaxing and efficient.

    On the way down to Beline Caroline Azar’s show at the Cameron House I had to go one way – wrong way around Dundas on Huron. Those streets should be signed two way cycle-traffic! Spadina Ave., with it’s separated Street Car right of way forces north, south cycle traffic east or west of Spadina – those parrallel streets should be enabled for cycle traffic. They alternate one way and then the other way the next block to reduce automobile traffic volume and coincident noise. As they are – quite, local traffic only – these streets could be enabled as cycle-ways so we can avoid the urban architect hell that is Spadina Ave. between Bloor and Front

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