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For the Record: Video of Critical Mass car terror in Brazil

This is a shocking video. On Friday, February 25, 2011 at 06:24 a leisurely gaggle of 150 Brazilian Critical Mass cyclists – husbands and wives, sons and daughters – were plowed into by an accelerating car going at what looks like 30 kph.

Driver tries to kill cyclists in Critical Mass Porto Alegre, Brazil

Via: (live link)

“It’s their own fault at the end of the day.”
Councillor Rob Ford – 03/03/07

Once said a former councillor of the city of Toronto.

I hope that if any good could possibly come out of this example of the human condition it could be that it helps everyone to realize they should be careful with their rhetoric. That this might remind us that there are psychopaths amoung us who, for genetic or environmental reasons, don’t feel the same emotions the rest of us do – like guilt or empathy. In their abnormal brains they can take ill-considered statements by public officials that be-little the value of human life – as a GO! sign.

Least we forget:

Via: (live link)

Rob Ford back tracked on his statement during the 2010 civic election.



Thanks to Yvonne Bambrick for breaking the story here (Saturday at 1:16pm) in Facebook ( – the link works only if you’re “Facebook Friends” with Yvonne). She linked “massa critica” (live link: which was posted to Youtube on Friday night; it’s taken with a camera phone seconds after the terror car is out of sight. She credited “Tino”, who I believe is Martin Reis of BikeLaneDiary: (Feb 26th at 8:24 AM (live link):

The NPR article below sights Toronto’s The Urban Country as source. James D. Schwartz did great research and posted the first article in the English Blogosphere Saturday at 7:53 PM (live link):

From NPR (live link):


Posted: March 1st, 2011
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