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TTC service cuts go into effect March 27, 2011

Mayor Ford wants all city entities to balance their budgets for 2011.

The TTC is different than other services the city provides, it is subsidized by several levels of government. Each trip costs the system about $3.oo to provide but the TTC only raises $2.00 per trip through fares — it loses $1/ride. In 2011 TTC staff expect ridership to increase by 5 million trips – so in January they proposed a 10 cent fare increase and a “service reallocation” that will save the system $7 million.

The changes to service are scheduled to go into effect in about a month (see Steve Monro: “TTC Service Changes Effective March 27, 2011“). A fare increase may be introduced in September depending on how big the increase in ridership is over and above the 5 million extra trips staff are projecting (2009 – 2010 ridership increased by 15 million trips).

Here at FreeWheel we like lines on maps; so I’m going to start with two maps. Below are maps of Mayor Ford’s balanced 2011 operating budget at the TTC – proposed service “reallocations” that may or may not help the regime avoid fare increases this year.

Proposed Cuts:

steve munro Projected Cuts March 2011.jpgStaff Speak: “Service Reallocations” means ‘Cuts to Services’

Proposed Improvements:

Steve Munro Projected Improvements Fall 2011Staff Speak: “Projected Improvements” means Projected Improvements :)

(images are linked to larger images at

I’ve learned not to have an opinion on this stuff, because on further inspection one usually turns out to be wrong; but from a glance at these two maps it looks to me like the Wards that voted for Ford are getting cuts to service; while the wards that voted against Ford are getting improvements to service.

Make of it what you will – it’s complicated. Finch for example is getting more buses but that’s nothing new, volumes along Finch are high and increasing every year. Under Mayor David Miller’s LRT plan Finch was to get a line that would have moved twice as many people with half the vehicles along a 17 km stretch.


Posted: February 23rd, 2011
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