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Garmin wearable GPS Route Mapping telemetry Devices

Now you can map your route automatically with Garmin Connect products that you may set to collect route telemetry and/or bio-telemetry! You just upload the data to Garmins online interface and the widget lays out charts and maps caulk full of amazing data in professional looking interfaces.

"The Daily Dex" blog Garmin telemetry of "27 mile ride".

Not only static graphs, like the ones above, but also a player that shows the the route over time with an accompanying graph which shows all four telemetries above and follows the pace of the route.

I found this amazing technology for the consumer market via Twitter user (@dexradio) Declan Mc Glone’s website, “The Daily Dex” in a post titled “27 Mile ride“. Some of you may remember that during the 2010  Tour de France several teams came out with live online individual telemetries of the entire team at their websites. You could watch, in real time, as a rider created 500 watts of power while powering up the Col du Tourmalet for example. This I suppose is the next step in the technological advance, a home user version.


Garmin Connect interface via thedailydex blog post "27 Mile ride"

Garmin Connect map interface via thedailydex blog post "27 Mile ride"

Garmin wearable GPS Route Mapping Telemetry Devices allow users to create maps by uploading auto-collected route information to help them track their training regime.

Garmin Connect:


Posted: February 2nd, 2011
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