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Video: Across The Great Wall (of freeways) on Bicycle

Happy 2011 everyone.

The Great Wall of Freeways: the 401.

I was looking through Joe T’s, “BikingToronto in 2010: The Stats“, the year in review at BikingToronto – and, a long series of links got me to riconroy’s Youtube Channel where I found “Crossing the 401“.

Under the video is this description:

“Highway 401 cuts Toronto in two; crossing it on foot or bike is very difficult. Those who cannot, or decide not to drive, are forced to negotiate the dangerous roads and sidewalks.”

So, that links to recent posts here (article) about the “Squiggly Grid (label)” road lay out that make it so tough to find safe, efficient routes for cyclists in Toronto’s 519. But the real reason I’m posting the video is the song! This years favourite! : ]

“It’s not Safe” by “Gentleman Reg” is the perfect sound track for this vid.


A Toronto Cyclist’s Top 10 Complaints – in “Duncan’s City Ride“.

A Toronto Cyclist’s Top 10 Complaints – BikingToronto Forum.


Posted: January 3rd, 2011
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