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“Bikeway Route” around dangerous Coxwell and Lower Gerrard

Older areas of the cities road grid are laid out like graph paper – as such it is easy to find alternative, convenient, efficient and safe routes for commute Bikeways. If these routes are “enabled” for bikes, and to deter car traffic, they will become the cyclists preferred route – in my humble opinion.

Tonight I walked a route from Woodbine to Jones and found new avenues for a Bikeway that circumvents the dangerous and congested, Lower Gerrard between Coxwell and Greenwood Avenues.

Here’s an image of “BikeWay: Gerrard-Fairford-Woodfield Alternative“.
(Title links to the Google Map)

See the map at the Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki)

BikeWay: Gerrard-Fairford-Woodfield Alternative around Lower Gerrard - Coxwell to Greenwood.

Traveling West along Gerrard Street East in the Upper Beaches…

At the bottom of the big sweeping hill that starts just east of Woodbine on Gerrard Street is Coxwell Avenue. At this corner the street turns south down Coxwell to Lower Gerrard then continues west into the Core of the City of Toronto – ending at University Avenue south of College Street. Its a great route, but it has an evil side…

This ‘work around’ the extremely busy, and dangerous Lower Gerrard between Coxwell and Greenwood takes Fairford to Woodfield and then avoids Gerrard with an alley route that gets the cyclist to west of Greenwood – just short of the Jones Avenue Bike lanes.

Woodfield Avenue, just north of Gerrard, looking west along the alley that goes almost to Jones Avenue

This beautiful alley could be enabled as a safe, efficient and convenient Bikeway route.

On the Map I’ve added obvious, connecting routes along the way, to existing bicycle infrastructure in the neighbourhood:

The Great Dundas Street East Bike Lanes
Jones Avenue Bike Lanes
Greenwood Bike Lanes


Posted: December 14th, 2010
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