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Transit Sage Steve Munro documents Ford & Council DID vote on Transit City

Could mean Mayor Ford may have to hold a vote on Transit City after all…

On Tuesday in amongst the branding exercise that was Don Cherry’s appearance at the first meeting of council, Mayor Ford suggested that council hadn’t ever voted FOR Transit City – so the new Subway Mayor didn’t think he needed a vote at City Council to kill it (Toronto Star Tuesday, December 7, 2010: “No need for council vote on Transit City, Ford suggests“).

In an article the next day (Did Toronto Council Ever Vote For Transit City?), Transit Guru Steve Munro published excerpts from City Council documents that show Council did indeed vote for Transit City – as part of the cities Sustainable Transportation Plan – a part of this countries responsibilities to the Kyoto climate change treaty, The “Kyoto Protocol” – which by the way, is why and where the money is coming from!


Did Toronto Council Ever Vote For Transit City? (Update 2)

[Updated Dec. 7 at 10:30 pm begins here]

In January 2009, Council dealt with a report on the proposed extension of the Yonge Subway to Richmond Hill.  Among the motions approved at that meeting was the following:

3. City Council direct the City Manager and Chief General Manager of the TTC to commence discussions with Metrolinx, the Province of Ontario, York Region and Government of Canada for the purposes of securing the appropriate funding and service agreements on the basis of the following requirements:

l.          Metrolinx be requested to prioritize the Downtown Relief Line within its 15-year plan, noting that Transit City is the first priority for the Toronto Transit Commission and the City of Toronto; and

The clause above was inserted via an amendment from then Commissioner Suzan Hall which itself amended text proposed by Councillor Michael Thompson.  This carried 32:11 with the recorded vote as follows:

In favour: Ainslie, Ashton, Augimeri, Bussin, Carroll, Cho, Davis, De Baeremaeker, Del Grande, Di Giorgio, Filion, Fletcher, Ford, Giambrone, Grimes, Hall, Heaps, Jenkins, Lindsay Luby, McConnell, Mihevc, Miller, Moeser, Moscoe, Nunziata, Palacio, Pantalone, Perks, Rae, Saundercook, Thompson, Vaughan

Opposed: Holyday, Kelly, Lee, Milczyn, Minnan-Wong, Ootes, Parker, Perruzza, Shiner, Stintz, Walker

Absent: Feldman, Mammoliti

In the final vote on the item with all of its amendments, the vote was 42:2 with only Councillors Kelly and Mihevc(!) opposed, and Councillor Feldman absent.  Joe Mihevc was voting against the Richmond Hill subway.

Therefore, Council has explicitly voted on the priority of Transit City, and this has been supported by now-Mayor Ford on both occasions.  Thanks to those who dug up these references.



Steve Munro – Transit, Politics, Reviews

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Posted: December 10th, 2010
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