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Google Maps Bike Route Mapping Feature

Joe T. broke the story, Google Maps are up for Toronto’s Cyclists.

Good work Joe, I was looking yesterday but couldn’t see it. Joe says you have to be at (not .ca) and you have to input a place, then choose “Get Directions” a Bicycle Icon is now there that wasn’t there last week. So this morning I put it to the test and Google passed with flying colours!

I’ve been writing here recently about the way in which the ‘Big Box Store’ development at Lake Shore Boulevard and Leslie Street – and the freeway like streets that feed it – create a barrier to The Martin Goodman Trail and the south east Toronto Park Lands. So I know the area well – does Google Maps?

My first test was “Ashbridge’s Bay Park to the Jones Avenue Bike Lane”.

Google Bike Maps: Jones Avenue Bike Lane to Ashbridge's Bay Park

Amazingly for a feature in ‘Beta’ the mappers have already input data that indicates Lake Shore and Leslie is extremely dangerous for bicycles! The maps shows the route following the cross-walk at Lake Shore.

Google suggests you get off your bike at Lake Shore and use the cross walks to get to The Martin Goodman Trail. Good idea. Amazing for an 'in-beta' application!

Google is Great! They know everything!

How do they know everything?

Through networking I’ll bet.


Here’s a close up of the Google Bike Route Mapping feature that shows how to report problems, circled is the report problems button…

When you click “here” – a pop-up window appears:

Investigations continue.

I’m wondering if we can add bicycle routes that You or I create – user generated content.

Right now it appears that the data base is closed. For now you can contribute through the ‘report problems’ feature; the mappers at Google will consider your idea and may use your suggestion.

You and I can create a data base of unofficial routes by creating maps with-in the “MY Maps” feature – and open it up to the public – which will be a disaster, nihilists will destroy the content, I expect. We need an echelon of people who care to act as editors – like Google is doing with the official Bike Lane/Path Data.


Posted: November 30th, 2010
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