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Lock’s Link to ‘Tips for cyclists (long version)’

Over at the BikingToronto Group ‘Cycling’, Lock said,

“This Youtube vid is funny as heck but AFAIK only Admins here can imbed videos, so just click on this:

So I thought I’d embed it here, to keep it in-house for just one, more, link.

You can embed videos too! To start your own blog here at BikingToronto, just click on “Blogs” in this link path:  Home / Site Guide / Blogs, and see instructions.

This video is great, I laughed from the first frame to the last. The treadmill bike is hilarious!

Go to Youtube Channel CS156 for more hilarious bicycle oriented productions.

This a new one for me,

AFAIKAcronym for: “as far as I know”


Posted: November 27th, 2010
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