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Changing Colours at Toronto City Hall

This table was originally published in an article here at BikingToronto Blogs called, “An Anti-Cycling Mayor Rob Ford does not a Council make

Did not Run                In coming                        Ward

Rob Ford                   Doug Ford                        (Ward 2)
Adam Giambrone             Ana Bailao                       (Ward 18)
Howard Moscoe              Josh Colle                       (Ward 15)
Case Ootes                 Mary Fragedakis                  (Ward 29)
Joe Pantalone              Mike Layton                      (Ward 19)
Kyle Rae                   Kristyn Wong-Tam                 (Ward 27)
Michael Walker             Josh Matlow                      (Ward 22)

Incumbent defeated         Elected                          Ward

Sandra Bussin              Mary-Margaret McMahon            (Ward 32)
Suzan Hall                 Crisanti Vincent                 (Ward 1)
Adrian Heaps               Berardinetti Michelle            (Ward 35)
Cliff Jenkins              Robinson Jaye                    (Ward 25)
Bill Saundercook           Sarah Doucette                   (Ward 13)

So starting from the top:

  • 1 went left to centre
  • 1 went from right to left
  • 1 ward went independent to centre
  • 1 ward went from centre to green-independent
  • 2 wards went from centre to right


Posted: November 7th, 2010
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