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bikeSauce: DIY Bicycle Repair near Broadview and Queen

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Bike Sauce is a DIY bike repair space and community hub at 717 Queen street east.

Monday: 5pm-9pm
Tuesday: 5pm-9pm
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 5pm-9pm
Friday: 5pm-9pm
Saturday: Noon-6pm
Sunday: Noon-6pm

Here’s a map I made so you’ll know exactly where bikeSauce is. Like the Arlo Guthrie song Alice’s Restaurant: Just walk right in it’s around the back, just a half a mile from the railroad track. :)

View bikeSauce in a larger map

Posted: September 24th, 2010
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South Riverdale Bicycle Repair Clinic

Every Thursday between 1 – 3 PM
655 Queen East, main floor atrium

A chain breaker

a chain breaker

This is kind of embarrassing. I’m not proud of the fact that for most of this summer my bicycle has been sitting idle with a broken chain.

I consider myself a cycling advocate, I make bicycle route maps to help city planners better construct the next generation of bicycle infrastructure. I also write about cycling issues – and here I am walking and taking the TTC all summer because I don’t own the proper tool to fix my bike’s drive chain!

Paul Young (right), bicycle mechanic par excellence

Paul Young (on the right), bicycle mechanic par excellence

A lot of the tools that you need to maintain your bike have cool names, like the one pictured above, a cute little tool which is called “THE CHAIN BREAKER!” :)

(Image from

Luckily Paul Young runs a Bicycle Repair Clinic at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, which is just blocks from my house.

The South Riverdale CHC Bike Repair Clinic is designed for people who can’t afford the pricey bike shops – my simple repair might have cost $40.00 at a regular store. Instead, all it cost me was a little time and some good will – AND there’s always tea and cookies to keep you going. Yesterday, a big pot of soup was laid on as well.

View South Riverdale Community Health Centre Thursday Bike Repair Clinic in a larger map

Wearing an old pair of jeans (you’re going to get oil and grease on them), take your bike and any parts you think you might need to 655 Queen East, where Paul and fellow bike repair genius Jungle Ling, will walk you through any repair you can think of – and let you use the proper tool for the job too!

As soon a Paul saw that I knew what I was doing with my chain fix, that I took care to treat the tools nicely, and put them back where I gotten them from so everyone can use them, he pretty much left me on my own – when I ran into a problem he was right there to lend a hand or some advice.

I’m happy to say my chain is fixed and my bike’s drive train is running smoothly. While I was there I also adjusted my seat height, and learned what a “crank extractor” is as I helped ‘Doug’ with a crank case bearing replacement.

I’m heading back next Thursday to volunteer; they’re busy down there – they need the help.


Posted: September 24th, 2010
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Utne Reader’s David Doody on Bicycles and David Byrne

Read the entire article at Utne Reader online.

David Byrne’s audio book Bicycle Diaries is available to purchase at David Byrne’s website.

David Byrne’s “Bicycle Diaries,” Podcast Style

9/15/2010 10:26:30 AM

by David Doody

David Byrne Audiobook Bicycle Diaries
David Byrne’s successful book, Bicycle Diaries, probably would have sold just fine as a traditional audiobook, as well. However, never one for the status quo, Byrne wanted to do something a little more interesting than simply reading the book in silence and releasing it as a download or cd. Instead, he looked to other successful audio formats for inspiration, namely NPR shows that incorporate scene sounds and podcasts.


You can listen to and download the introduction, and pre-order the rest, which will be released on September 28.

* * *

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Posted: September 24th, 2010
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Re-branding the Memory of Darcy Allan Sheppard

Tuesday September 2nd 2010

In memory of Al Sheppard, some of his friends put a video together called, “APPARENTLY (Al Sheppard).

I see the Video is already up over at “Duncan’s City Ride“.

RIP Darcy Allan Sheppard (1976 - 2009)

RIP Darcy Allan Sheppard (1976 - 2009)

Here’s some of the lines I like most:

“Kill the messenger,”

* * *

“Put Sheppard on trial while he’s under the ground…”

* * *

“You’se a plaintiff with a tainted past, you ain’t entitled to trial
No need to hear your side, whether you’re dead or alive”

* * *

Here’s the audio to listen to while you read the lyrics (from Sunny D’s bandcamp page).


Intro (edited version for youtube etc): We and him used to get along / cause x-amount of bangarong (translation: cause a whole heap of crazy funtimes)

You’se a plaintiff with a tainted past, you ain’t entitled to trial
No need to hear your side, whether you’re dead or alive
Throw enough dough at a PR firm and the defendant won’t see trial
Still jog the beach and smile, maintain a bling lifestyle

Dropsi: Hey kids! Some advice for all y’all / get arrested when you’re someone you get 2 phonecalls
Personalities galore show examples, go ahead ask Winona Ryder, or Gordon Campbell
But they didn’t leave my pal to die in the street / hiding in the Hyatt lobby making alibis meet
They didn’t kill somebody breaking laws that they helped write, but at least one of them knows what a pitbull looks like
What a joke, eh? Listen up clear all about your justice system how it works two tier
Type for trailer park trash who love to drink beer ain’t the same as the one for the cats who own Lears
One for diplomats who drop half a mil a year between drugs and rehab clinics far and near
One for royalty and folks too rich to know fear and one for [niggaz] who can’t even afford to chuck spears
See what I’m getting at? It’s all about cash / with enough of it the laws you infract get bypassed
Wanna break some? Put aside about two mil/ that should cover for your legal fees and PR bill

Sunny D: Another murderer walks cuz dead bikes don’t talk / red Sheppard and the politician colour of chalk
Killed the messenger, then fled to the hotel / hyped up, mic’d up with some bull[shit] to sell
First call to the wife, hook up the alibi / second call to PR for those opinions to buy
The man is an attorney, yeah he got connections / so go on and call the cops so no one asks those questions
My suggestion? Car’s a weapon and that [shit] didn’t stall / hit the Sheppard like a boxer that don’t got any balls
Pick it up, dust it off and then confront your attacker / but who ever thinks it escalates to disaster?
After the dust dies down, crown attorney the clown / puts the Sheppard on trial while he’s under the ground
Drop the politician’s charges, sweep it under the rug but we’re all gonna haveta answer to the ultimate judge

Sunny D: If the Sheppard had the money, would the truth be told?
Would you believe what’s in your heart or what’s above the fold?
Would justice stand a chance or fall dead on the floor?
And would another person die because two wheels ain’t four?
Would you leave a human being like a dog to bleed?
Would you steal a man’s life who’s got four kids to feed?
Would my people find protection from the boys in blue?
And would you only care about it if it happened to you?

Dropsi: My view? Let me get to the point and state a fact:
Driver side window attack, I don’t promote that
Got provoked, went there, fatal mistake
Did it for the fuck of it? Gimme a break!
Does that make sense in your pristine reality?
Mr. Never-done-wrong, Ms. Error-Free?
Ok, so you’re sinless, your life’s perfect, fine
Prove that shit come turn my water into wine
‘Course you knew that request was rhetorical
So shut the [fuck] up, finish your editorial
There’s a collision at Yonge & Bloor you might like
Tailor-made for you to spin as car vs. bike

Video at Sunny D’s Vimeo page: “APPARENTLY (Al Sheppard)” by Uncle Dropsi and Sunny D

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Via the Facebook group In Memory of Darcy Allan Sheppard (members only group).

Update: September 3rd 2010

Yesterday at “In Memory of Darcy Allan Sheppard” I asked in comments “Should this be a public page – rather than members only?”

Aryeh Smith got back to me…

Al Sheppards family started the group' "In Memory of Darcy Allan Sheppard"

Al’s family is spread out across Canada, so they started the group as a place to meet and grieve. So, you can join the group, and read and comment – no problem – just remember where you are.


Posted: September 2nd, 2010
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