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Spot Docs TurnAround Couriers Spot

May 28, 2010 @ 1:46

As an addendum to Duncan’s piece, Torontoist Profiles TurnAround Couriers, this ad – produced by Spot Docs for TurnAround Couriers:

“When I get on my bicycle I… I feel like a warrior”

Hmmm… Where have I heard that before?

The adrenaline does rock your world.


Posted: May 28th, 2010
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Michael Bryant and Spin Doctors ‘Diminish Us All’

May 25, 2010 @ 16:36

“We are all diminished by any loss of life,” said Mr. Bryant.

I would opine that we are all diminished when after one takes the life of another, the institution we have built that maintains our civilization offers no sanction.

The starting point, the point where Michael Bryant loses his humanity to fear and the objectification of the other, happens before the hellish ride that kills Darcy Allan Sheppard. It starts with an assault at an intersection, when Bryant uses his car to throw the cyclist onto the hood ( He then brakes and backs up, spilling the injured man to the pavement, then he wheels right, around the man and over the bike, trying to effect an escape of the scene of his criminal act – it is at this point Sheppard grabs onto the side of the car. It is in this attempt to escape the consequences of his assault on Sheppard that Bryant embarks down the road to murder – and becomes Sheppard’s Chauffeur of death.

Here’s a player with the audio embedded of the carefully scripted stage play that served as a news conference this morning.

After, reporters pose questions that seem intended only to help Mr. Bryant flesh out the details of the spin he has just delivered – questions that help Bryant add colour and depth to his script:
Thanks to the National post (mp3 of Michael Bryant news conference May 25, 2010).

“28 seconds…” This is the theme the script writers go with, it talks to the idea that at a moment of fear and surprise you might have done what Michael Bryant did – that is, cross to the opposite side of Bloor Street and use a mail box and a tree to “brush off” – to snuff out the life of – a man hanging onto the side of your car for dear life.

From the witnesses, via Youtube video:

Click to see it on Youtube: “Witnesses to killing of Darcy Allan Sheppard By Michael Bryant“.

What charges should be brought that will have a reasonable likelihood of resulting in a conviction?

Dangerous Driving?
Assault with a weapon?

I cross posted this piece at Michael Holloway’s FilterBlogs “Michael Bryant and Spin Doctors ‘Diminish Us All’“.


Posted: May 25th, 2010
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East/West Corridors – part 2

May 10, 2010 @ 17:17

Shaw Street street needs to be signed two way bicycle traffic from Bloor to Dupont St..

Ckick on the map to see a larger version in the Bicycling Toronto Mapping Wiki

Ckick on the map to see a larger version in the Bicycling Toronto Mapping Wiki

(click on the map to go to the Bicycling Toronto Bicycle Route Mapping Project map.)
This is another east/west route that avoids Bloor St. West and the core. This is one of my favorite routes if I’m on the west side of the downtown and I want to get over to the east side. This route already has a lot of Bike Lanes on it but because of where we’re at in the planning process – and the political process – they are disconnected and sometimes funnel you into dangerous situations.

I started this map at Hallam St. because everyone should know about the Hallam St Bike lanes. Hallam connects with the Dupont Bike Lanes. But the intersection of Dupont and Ossington is very busy, zig zags there and during the afternoon rush hours in summer the sun sets straight down Dupont – making it hard for cars to see.

So I suggest Hallam to Shaw, north up Shaw (which is a one way south) to Dupont. The one way on Shaw Street is ‘in the way’ when trying to connect routes people use (see “King St West at Crawford to Yonge and St Clair“).I use it here because although Dupont is a great route East/Eest, it has some ‘avoids’, bicycle ‘hot spots’: the Dupont/Ossington intersection and the Dupont, Annette, Old Weston Road triangle at Dundas West. Once your on Dupont via the illegal Shaw cut, Dupont Bike Lanes takes you to Avenue Road – then through Rosedale via Roxborough Ave. then down Crescent Road to Sherbourne Street Bike Lanes and Bloor Street East Bike Lanes.

Original Map made at The Sports Distance Calculator:

Posted: May 10th, 2010
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Another East West Corridor that needs some signage changes to make it really work for cyclists

May 7, 2010 @ 17:57

#TransitCity is a visionary transportation strategy that the city of Toronto is asking for input on. This map high lights some problem areas along a route that has several bike paths already installed, but needs more added to connect them – and some changes made to one ways to make it really useful to cyclists.

Pretty good so far - but could use some 'bettering'.

Pretty good so far - but could use some 'bettering'.

To make this route great the following changes would draw cyclists off the main roads.

1. The biggy: Can we build a bridge from Wallace Ave. across the railway lands to Dundas West above Bloor that would connect via Glenlake Ave. to Keele and beyond? A nice sloping beautiful modern suspension bridge that one can cycle up – big enough for two lanes of bicycle traffic?

2. If Yarmouth Rd. was two way bicycle traffic you could connect Hallam to Barton Ave via Palmerston, thus avoiding Dufferin St..

3. Can we agree to change Lowther (one way) to two way bike traffic between Spadina Rd. and Huron St. – to then connect to Prince Arthur Ave.?

4. Prince Arthur east bound, south a bit on Avenue Rd. to Cumberland is a hellishly dangerous zig zag for this route. If you wait for the lights at Bloor to change you can do it. I don’t know what to suggest, just an FYI. Cumberland at Yonge zig zag to Asquith Ave is evil as well, and the traffic never seems to stop there. It’s worse than the Avenue Rd. problem above.

5. Can we make Cambridge Ave just east of the Bloor Viaduct north off Bloor St. East viaduct a bicycle – two way?

With these mostly cosmetic changes (aside from the bridge that would connect this corridor to the Humber Valley trail system and Etobicoke), we could build a really good east west corridor that is safe, beautiful and quiet.

Go to: “Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project” Map.
Click here to see an interactive ‘Google Map’ of the route, at the “Sport Distance Calculator”.

Michael Holloway

Posted: May 7th, 2010
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