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RSS Feeds – Stay up to date with the Wiki & this Blog

(edited for links, originally published in Michael Holloway’s FilterBlogs)

PUSH THE RSS BUTTON above and it will take you to an Atom (the simpler RSS) Google Live Bookmarks page (Wikipedia article on Atom (RSS) that allows you to direct a Michael Holloway’s Blog feed to your browser, your home page, your email, your phone etc., etc..

In the new era of social networking connectivity I’m using my Atom feed application, “Bookmarks Toolbar” more and more. In my Firefox browser the toolbar appears under the address bar. The titles of Blogs I’ve chosen to follow appear in small boxes; when I click a box, it shows me that blogs last 30 days posts in a drop down window.

Atom is a great way to spread Your Blog – it’s a syndication feed to the web. To get syndicated first check to see that your browser has a ‘content management system’ for Atom feeds installed (like Live Bookmarks from Mozilla), then take your blogs front page address (mine is ““), and simply add “feed” to the end of it: (

Now you’ve created your Atom feed address. Paste it in your address window and the address will take you to a page that looks like this (I’ve dropped down the choice window):

“Choose Application” took me to “Bookmarks Toolbar” application – I clicked ‘Create Feed’, ‘Save Bookmark’ and I’m done.

Wherever I am on the net, an easy reference to any article in my blog (and yours) is two quick clicks away. :)


Posted: March 8th, 2010
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