These Prices are Bananas!

By | April 25, 2011

When I was a child, I really liked bananas.

I liked them so much that I decided that they would be the only thing I’d eat.  THE ONLY THING.  They would be the ONLY food I’d eat to give me energy to get around and power me through my day.

Things have been good.  Bananas still give me energy (although the resultant pollution is sometimes not so good… it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make) and they’ve been pretty affordable.  Sometimes the price goes up, and sometimes it goes down, but I’ve been able to keep eating bananas.

This is a good thing, as my body has become so used to bananas that I can’t really eat anything else.  Alternative food fuel sources such as apples? oranges? meat? veggies?  Nope – can’t have them.  My body runs on bananas – and it can’t change.  I’ve tried to change – but I’m used to bananas, and comfortable with bananas, and most people I know eat only bananas.  Only hippies and treehuggers eat things like apples or carrots.


Banana Prices are going up! Way UP!  Apparently all the banana fields are running out of bananas, and they can’t make more, because … um… something about “Peak Banana” … I don’t understand it… but there’s a graph that looks like a hill that swoops up and then swoops down.

Anyway, yeah – Banana prices are going up… and I’m spending more and more of my budget on Bananas because my body runs on bananas only… and I have no choice.

I’m spending less on everything else (which can’t be good for the economy) and more on bananas (which I bet the stupid greedy banana companies love) and my family budget is in shambles because somehow, for some reason – everyone else started eating only bananas, and now they TOO have to buy the same overpriced bananas.

Banana prices are SO high… and everyone is eating them and they can’t make more, and that means banana prices are going to go up further because of some economics thing I once kind of skimmed about supplies and demandings.

What are we going to do when banana supplies get so low and prices are up so high because everyone eats them and doesn’t want to eat anything else?

This will kill the economy.  I should go buy stocks in banana companies.

Why did I EVER decide to only eat bananas?  It was convenient, and cheap, and easy… and now it’s coming back to bite me in the ass.

Convenient, cheap and easy.  Too good to be true.


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Murray Lumley on April 25, 2011 at 4:23 pm.

A great allegory! I get it. Complainers about ‘banana prices’ being fixed by ‘banana companies’ should just stop buying bananas. Then banana prices would go down. Maybe we would even look for an alternative edible – their are plenty of renewable edibles out there.

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