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Photos from my April Fools Day Commute Home

By | April 2, 2010

Everyone takes such great photos on BikingToronto. I want to join in… and now that I have a camera with me most days, I have to get into the habit of taking photos with it. Here are a bunch of photos I took on my way home from work yesterday. I’ll add a bit of […]

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So Bad It’s Funny. Hummer in a Hybrid Spot

By | March 25, 2010

My wife Tracy and I don’t own a car, so when we have to pick up large items from Ikea or Home Depot (small items can be done by bike of course, like Duncan knows), we get a Zipcar for a couple of hours… specifically a Toyota Matrix, as it uses very little gas but […]

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Coldest Day Ride Photos

By | January 30, 2010

I just got back the Coldest Day of the Year Ride.  Thankfully, Mother Nature cares about cyclists in Toronto, and decided to make sure it was nice and cold for us  to ride. Here are a few photos I took when I was brave enough to take off my gloves.  I’ll link to these as […]

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