My Commute: Grateful for Shade

By | September 24, 2010

A few months ago, I posted about one of my favourite views on my commute home from work everyday… the view east along Wellesley – it’s urban, diverse and lively.

I’d now like to share a part of my morning commute with you… a part that I was very grateful for during the heat of this summer.

Namely, it’s the intersection of Bloor and Sherbourne as you approach it from the east.

Bloor and Sherbourne

For east enders like me, coming west along the Danforth and across the Bloor Viaduct on hot summer mornings was… well, it was hot.

Gladly, even in the hottest part of summer, big trees along the north side of Bloor where it heads northwest from the Viaduct towards Sherbourne create a nice oasis of shade on the bikelane for a fair stretch:

Bloor and Sherbourne

Bloor and Sherbourne

Bloor and Sherbourne

When you’re coming from the Danforth, this is the first dose of cool shade a cyclist gets when heading downtown. I’m very thankful for the Rosedale Ravine (which runs north of this part of Bloor)

Here is me looking tired (and needing a shave) just before reaching the shade on my way downtown:

Bloor and Sherbourne

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