A Foggy, Misty Morning

By | March 16, 2011

One of my favourite parts of the internet is the animated radar map on theweathernetwork.com.

The forecast can be for rain, but checking the radar, you can see if it’s a ton of rain or just intermittent rain – and perhaps plan your commute accordingly.

I ride in the rain a lot, but most often in the late spring and summer when the rain is refreshing rather than cold… so at this time of year I try to avoid it.

This morning I saw that the rain would be ending for 30-60 minutes … giving me just long enough for a leisurely ride downtown to work while staying mostly dry.

It was misty out, which was refreshing, and I snapped a cellphone photo of the fog as I crossed the Bloor Viaduct.

Usually, the Viaduct offers a great view of downtown and it’s fun to watch all the new condo towers rising a bit higher every day.  Today though, it was just foggy misty white… and the sidestreets north of the Danforth I took on the way to the Viaduct were nice and hushed and quiet in the fog.

15 minutes after I got to work, it started raining again.

Looking forward to biking home in +9C temperatures.


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