I Bike T.O. and Montreal’s Bixi

BikingToronto member and blogger Bikeroo was checking out Montreal this weekend, and showing his pride in biking Toronto in his awesome I Bike T.O. shirt! πŸ™‚

Here’s a couple pics from his travels… checking out the Poutine and the original Bixi system (and very cool physically separated bikelanes)!

I Bike T.O. and Bixi in Montreal


I Bike T.O. and Bixi in Montreal

I Bike T.O. and Bixi in Montreal


More BikeSauce, More I Bike T.O.!

You may remember last week’s post about us dropping off some I Bike T.O. shirts at the BikeSauce space… well the ‘Sauce had a big day on Saturday, launching their new social hub (with free wifi!) and library with an Open House, Family Ride, Alleycat Races and a Keg Party.

Some cool photos of one of the I Bike T.O. shirts made it into all the photos from the day. πŸ™‚





I Bike T.O. Shirt spotted at June’s Critical Mass

Flickr photogΒ  Sevenman spotted an I Bike T.O. shirt at June’s Critical Mass:

Day 176: Before the ride (June 2010 edition)

We always looking photos of people wearing their cycling pride on their shirts. Let us know if you have some (or have seen some) photos. πŸ™‚

I Bike T.O. at Bike First Friday – Fri, July 3rd

Back on June 5, BikingToronto and I Bike T.O. attended Ward 21’s Bike First Friday… a breakfast get together for cyclists in Councillor Joe Mihevc’s ward.

It takes place on the first friday of every month, so this friday it’ll be going again… and BikingToronto and I Bike T.O. will be there again, and giving away some FREE I Bike T.O. t-shirts and selling some too ($20, all profits go to charity), if you’ve been looking at getting one.

Here are a few photos from the June 5th Bike First Friday – of the breakfast, and one of the winners of a free I Bike T.O. shirt.

Lots of I Bike T.O. Shirts!

Today I Bike T.O. is at the 2009 BikeSummit, hosted by the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation and the Clean Air Partnership.

I Bike T.O. is a sponsor of the BikeSummit and is selling some new I Bike T.O. shirts there as well. They’ll be available for purchase (for just $20), and all profits go to cycling-related charities in Toronto via the brand new BikingToronto Fund. πŸ™‚

Here’s some pretty photos of all the shirts we’ll have up for sale at the BikeSummit – in black, blue, red and forest green colours. You can also buy the shirts online – in mens, womens, and even buttons!

My beautiful wife Tracy modeling the forest green shirt.

I Bike T.O. at the DandyHorse Launch Party

Yvonne Bambrick spotted an I Bike T.O. shirt on Warren Wheeler with Tammy Thorne (both of Dandyhorse) at the Launch Party for the first Dandyhorse Issue. You can see all her photos from event here.