Meet Elli and Her I Bike T.O. Shirt

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Over on the BikingToronto Flickr Group, I always look for great photos of bikes and cyclists around Toronto (I’m looking into ways of highlighting these on the blog more, quickly and easily) but what I love to find is someone just rockin’ one of the I Bike T.O. t-shirts I designed.

Pictured below is Elli, a new(ish) cyclist in Toronto, looking amazing in an I Bike T.O. shirt, and below the photo is text by Elli telling us a bit about herself as well as why she bought the shirt.

I Bike T.O. Shirt - Elli Garlin

So little bit of a background story on my biking adventures. I started doing long city rides with my best friend Luke in the summer of 2010. The rides have always ranged between 35km and 75km. Even though we were both born and raised in Etobicoke, we found biking around Toronto was such a different, interesting, and fun way to see parts of the city that you can’t see when you’re in a car. I used to go to university in Waterloo, so whenever April rolled around we would be itching to go biking again. Luckily this year I’m at school in Toronto so the biking has already begun with a trip to the Bluffs.

I came across the Biking Toronto shirts last summer while spending countless hours online looking through anything biking/city related. I finally decided a couple weeks ago that the wait had been long enough. A new season had just begun, and with that a new biking shirt had to be added to the wardrobe (to complement my new bike, of course!). When it comes to t-shirts I always prefer v-necks that are either black or white, so naturally I bought the womens black v-neck shirt. It arrived two weeks earlier than I was expecting it to, but of course that was just another plus. I love the shirt so much because it represents where I’m from and what I love to do. I think it is safe to say that I’m happiest when I’m on a bike.

I can’t wait to wear this shirt on my upcoming city rides and show it off! And perhaps I will even end up getting a few more of those shirts in the future. There are at least two others that have my attention.


Thanks Elli!

I hope you enjoy the shirt and that it helps you meet other cyclists.  Everyone seems to love them!


I Bike T.O. and Montreal’s Bixi

BikingToronto member and blogger Bikeroo was checking out Montreal this weekend, and showing his pride in biking Toronto in his awesome I Bike T.O. shirt! 🙂

Here’s a couple pics from his travels… checking out the Poutine and the original Bixi system (and very cool physically separated bikelanes)!

I Bike T.O. and Bixi in Montreal


I Bike T.O. and Bixi in Montreal

I Bike T.O. and Bixi in Montreal


More BikeSauce, More I Bike T.O.!

You may remember last week’s post about us dropping off some I Bike T.O. shirts at the BikeSauce space… well the ‘Sauce had a big day on Saturday, launching their new social hub (with free wifi!) and library with an Open House, Family Ride, Alleycat Races and a Keg Party.

Some cool photos of one of the I Bike T.O. shirts made it into all the photos from the day. 🙂





I Bike T.O. Shirt spotted at June’s Critical Mass

Flickr photog  Sevenman spotted an I Bike T.O. shirt at June’s Critical Mass:

Day 176: Before the ride (June 2010 edition)

We always looking photos of people wearing their cycling pride on their shirts. Let us know if you have some (or have seen some) photos. 🙂